So. It’s been nearly 3 months. It’s kinda, um, customary for me to start these threads.

You know I love you guys. Apparently bobkitty and I love you the most because we actually plan these things. :wink:

I know that there’s a lot of Dopefests occuring, especially the NYCDope in January, but I wouldn’t mind us going ahead and trying to plan an AL (or GA or MS or TN or whatever)dope. If we do it while school is in session I can offer one or two people (besides Reinhold) a place to stay. I might even be nice enough to pick up anyone who flies in at Birmingham (again, assuming we do this during the school sessions).

So when do you guys want to do this? I figure we’d want to wait a little while, but I want opinions from those who want to attend this thing. And even if you’re not from Bama (or Georgia or Tennessee or Missisisisisisssisisisisippi), you’re always welcome here (Southern hospitality, y’know?).

There’s been some vague talk about a TennDope in the Murfreesboro thread that’s been hanging around.

I’d love to say that I could make it to a Bamadope, but with my track record we know how likely that is - and I’m further away this time, unless it’s further north - Tuscaloosa is about out of my range (not that I know how far of a drive it is).

I’d love to attend another BamaDope (if only to see a more completed version of The Palatial Estate ;)), but I’m not sure if I’d be able to go. I’d need to figure out my finances, among other things, before I could say for sure.

Did you have any timeframe in mind, Noc?

You know what? I would love to do this, but I’m already locked in for NYCDope, and, being as I still don’t have a job (grr), I just don’t think I can swing it. It’d be lovely to see you, bobkitty, Nocturne, and Serendipity (assuming you’re going), but I just can’t do it this year. Next year for sure. I promise.

Just have someone hoist an Abita for me, huh? :wink:

I would actually like to wait until 2003 to do this, being that I’m having more oral surgery over Christmas holidays.

Well, the probability just went up then. :slight_smile:

After the new year is fine by me as well, Although I have to say we did have a mighty nice turn-out for the BAMADOPE_OSIPB-DAYBASH Last December.
My new Job does not require that I work weekends so I have no excuse this time around when ever it is.