Bamadope Returns.

Lately, Reinhold(my SO), Osip, and I have been throwing around the idea for another Bamadope.

I would like to see this one become large, not as large as ChiDope or NYCDope per se, but I’d like to see more Dopers attend this one.

I’d like to know when and where you guys would like to have it.

I’d suggest either Birmingham or Atlanta (which would make it GeorgiaDope, I guess). Both are large cities with things to do, and both have an airport. If we did it in Birmingham, I could offer sleeping arrangements to a couple of you at my Tuscaloosa apartment.

I know that NYCDope is in early January, and I wasn’t thinking Bamadope would happen soon. Take a look at your calendars around February and March and start chiming in with suggestions. I have no problem setting up reservations and such as long as you guys weigh in with places and times.

sure just give me a warning when it is and I shall be there.

Yay for BamaDope! (I promise that if I make it to this one, I won’t be hysterical. Really.) My vote is for holding it in Birmingham, if only so we can see a more completed version of The Palatial Estate.

Oh yeah and since Ogre lives here in my town now I believe I can toss a wet blanket over his head and dump him in the trunk to make sure he is there.

Bham works better for B and I for mid-march-ish … St. Paddy’s day, mebbe? Give people’s finances a chance to recover from NY, but not quite into the (or so I’ve heard) oppressive heat of The South.

I would very much like to go. Maybe I can. Plan it for whenever and I will see what finances and airfares dictate.

I loves me some noccty. Platonically.

After my miserable no-show at the last one, I hesitate to even comment at this point. However, if we’re voting, I’ll vote for B’Ham in March. Maybe I can avoid a conflict this time.

“Work is the curse of the Dopefest class.”

I wish it was the BahamaDope.

How about March 15-17? St. Paddy’s Day weekend, right?

(That’s the weekend before my birthday on the 19th. But I really don’t have ANY ulterior motive.)

Does that mean I’ll have to run nekkid thru the room (for your birthday), Nocturne?:wink:

I’d love to make a BamaDope if possible. My schedule is wide open right now, but I haven’t the faintest idea of what it will be in March. Please let me know the time & place the rest of you settle on, and hopefully everything will work out so that I can be there. I’m only about an hour away from B’ham.

Well, I’d love to make it (yes, I can hear the comments now - that Lsura, she claims she wants to, but she never shows). Perhaps some Tennessee dopers would like to carpool down?
Of course, Chattanooga is incredibly central to Atlanta, Nashville, Birmingham and Knoxville…

Lsura, If you can make it to Huntsville I can get you to Birmingham. Besides I will need help loading the “body” in the trunk if Ogre resists :slight_smile:

Hopefully more people will see this and chime in. I am hoping it is the holidays that have kept people from checking the board as often as they should.

Ok, since it’s been a while since this was up top…I’ll send it back up and see if there is any other interest.

And…from what I can see at the moment, St. Paddy’s day works ok for me. (And I am, after all, a grad student with classes only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. :p)

Don’t know why I didn’t see this thread earlier.

I’d really love to go, but finances are tight. Unless I get a job soon, I probably won’t be able to. But I’m always hopeful. Plus, I’d love to see Nocturne, Reinhold, Serendipity, and especially bobkitty again. So I’ll do it if I can.


wow… I’m only about 4 hrs away from B’ham…
perhaps we could make it too ! Are you getting up an e-mail list? I’d like to be included …

After my pathetic last minute bail-out last time, I’ll give a tentative nibble of interest.

Hopefully, I’ll be in a better position personally and transportationwise this time. The St. Paddy’s Day in B’ham idea sounds good to me, far enough ahead of time for me to work things out. But I’m agreeable to whatever works for others.