Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - HOUSTON!

Austin’s much-beloved Alamo Drafthouse, now with 3 open or planned location in its hometown, is movin’ on out to prosetylize the heathens of H-town! Beware Houston Dopers, beware the AD’s addictive powers!

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You are soooo lucky! Alamo Drafthouse has to be the best place to see movies. There’s a couple in Austin and they are fantastic.

It’s a theater where you can eat dinner while you watch the movie. The food and beer are great. And the management in Austin really gets what movies are about. They have first run movies, but they’ll also have 24-hour butt-numb-a-thon’s with non-stop B-movies. Or a series of HK action movies. And you know what? NO COMMERCIALS BEFORE THE MOVIE! My favorite place to see a movie. Of the movies I see, 90% are at Alamo.

I enjoy going to the downtown Alamo Drafthouse for particular weird/cult movies or theme festivals, but generally avoid their North Austin location, where they show first-run, mainstream movies.

The picture and sound quality at the Alamo Drafthouse theaters just isn’t very good at either location. When I’m watching a cheesey monster movie at the downtown location, that can be part of the charm. But when I’m watching a first-run film with top of the line special effects and sound, I prefer to be at a cold, antiseptic, corporate megaplex theater where the sound and the picture will be much better (even if I CAN’T get a pizza or a chicken parmagiana sandwich).

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I’ll definitely second our downtown location. Does Houston even have a decent site for an Alamo? The place is nothing but featureless boxes.

I sometimes work around the Westoaks mall area. It’s not the best and safest mall in the world, but i is’nt like Sharpstown either. (Sharpstown is particularly bad with at least 2 shoplifters arrested a day and one car broken into a week). Those people who frequent Westoaks generally don’t look like they;d be in for he eclectic stuff but I’m sure this theater will pull people from all over houston. Sound like fun to me.

Sweet, that’s right down the street from me!

I am insanely jealous