Alan Colmes (of Hannity & ) has died

The liberal half of the Fox duo has died.

He seemed like a kind, decent, intelligent man. Sixty six is too young. I wonder what the “brief illness” was?

Perhaps some aggressive cancer, like pancreatic.

He was probably murdered by the Right. On trump’s orders, no doubt.

RIP…he seemed such a decent guy.

Seriously? Haters gotta hate but can’t you give it a rest for just a little while?

Alan Colmes seemed like a decent guy. May he rest in peace.

Washington Post reports it was lymphoma.

He was a good guy. Instead of demonizing people on the right, he’d actually engage with them and try to figure out where they were coming from.

On his website, Liberaland, he’d occasionally post excerpts from vitriolic hate mail he received, and poke fun at the senders. That was about as negative as he ever got.

I was always a little annoyed at Al Franken for making fun of Colmes in one of his books. (I just checked Franken’s Twitter—no mention of Colmes yet today.)

Aw, that’s sad! He did seem like a fairly reasonable fellow.

Reading the comments of right-wing commentators one can almost hear the “He was one of the good ones” level of patronizing that they normally reserve for their sole black friend.

Apparently not.

Political jabs are out of place in most MPSIMS threads. This one is beyond the pale in a RIP thread.

Drop the political crap or there will be more warnings.

I was sorry to hear this news.

Sorry, wasn’t aware that we play by different rules in this particular sub-forum. I will try to measure my words more carefully.

I did listen, on occasion, to his radio show back in the early nineties. Sixty-six is, as others have observed, way too young.

Despite the earlier attempts to preempt this point of view as somehow illegitimate, I’ll say what I came into this thread to say: as a conservative, I always respected him, and am saddened by his passing. RIP.