Alexa Ray Joel, daughter of Billy Joel & Christie Brinkley, in suicide attempt


Born beautiful, rich, and with two successful parents, and she still has problems.

Seriously? Everyone has problems. And the channel I am watching said they don’t know if it was an accident or not.

Yeah, I don’t see what being beautiful, rich and having two rich parents has to do with it. Billy Joel has struggled with depression his whole life, and had a suicide attempt of his own in the seventies. Wouldn’t be surprising if his daughter inherited his depression, which for too many people is clinical, not just a temporary phase. Suicidal tendencies certainly seem to run in families, tragically.

If it’s true, that is. So far there are conflicting reports. (I find it difficult to believe they’d just ‘release’ her if the doctors suspected a suicide attempt. Aren’t such people usually held for observation?) I certainly hope it was just an accident. This would be devastating to her parents/loved ones.

What bugs me is this gets coverage? I’m sorry the girl has troubles but who doesn’t. I live in Chicago and we have crimes all over the place, so instead of devoting a story to one of these LOCAL crimes where a criminal has a chance of being caught we have to hear about children of a guy who hasn’t had a hit song in 15 years and an aging model.

As I said, I’m sorry for her, but compassion like anything can be misplaced, and this is NOT news, or at least not news that should be bumping important things that can actually help people