Billy Joel fans-Any sympathy for Christie Brinkley?

I don’t feel any sympathy for Christie. She now knows how Billy felt when she had the affair on him.

I do feel bad for the children involved. Hopefully Alexa will be a resource to them.

Huh? Is there some celebrity gossip I’m unaware of?

I am really lost, I thought they split up years ago?
Is there a recent article that you can link to?

I am also unaware of the news that prompted the OP. On the other hand, I am spring-loaded in the anti-CB camp. Depending on the details of course.

Long story short: Brinkley’s husband (#4, I think) and Brinkley are getting or have gotten a divorce. Hubbie is accused of fooling around with a 19 y.o., who is now suing hubby for…well, I don’t know what for, because she was “of-age” when they first supposedly hooked up.

That’s all I got from watching CNN in the mornings…too lazy/too preoccupied to change the channel and too insignficant a story to pay real attention.,26334,1212858,00.html

Though I don’t see anything about an affair.

So nothing to do with Long Island’s favorite son, Billy Joel?

I caught part of that CNN report; the husband may be sued for Sexual Harassment of the 19 yr old who was apparently an employee. I did not pay enough attention to realize that Brinkley was involved.
Here is a more detailed article.


She’s a serial bride. Didn’t she marry a psycho skiing guy or something (#2, maybe)? That break-up was much more dramatic than this one.

I don’t pretend to know either of these people, but the fact that Joel attended her most recent wedding suggests to me that they maintain a cordial relationship. If that’s the case then I doubt he’d want any of his fans casting stones at her as it really has nothing to do with him or his music.

I’ve never met either Billy Joel or Christie Brinkley, so I have no idea what either is REALLY like, and can’t possibly judge who was at fault for the breakup of their marriage.

Since I’ve long been a huge fan of Billy’s music, and am somewhat irrationally prejudiced against “supermodels,” it’s tempting to assume she’s a bimbo who did him wrong. But that’s unfair. I don’t KNOW that she’s a bimbo, after all, and I DO know that Billy has long-standing issues with booze and drugs.

So, for all I know, it may have been Billy’s alcohol and cocaine problems that drove Christie away. IF that’s the case, then yes, she would be entitled to some sympathy

She married him (#2) on a ski slope while she was pregnant with his child. She met him while she was still married to Billy, and IIRC, was in a helicopter crash with him while they were on one of their trips together (she was still married to Billy at the time of the crash). Of course they denied any wrongdoing at first, but I remember Billy took it really hard. He has overcome that now and is friendly with Christie primarily for Alexa.

I feel this is karma working somehow.

Christie’s marriages and children:

Jean Francois Allaux (1973-81); singer Billy Joel (1985-94); real-estate magnate Richard Taubman (1994-95); architect Peter Cook (1996-2006).