Doesn't everybody hate Kathie Lee?

Anybody out there who likes her?
Or is at least not bothered by her?

Is that even possible?
Speak up!

Garrison tried to just forget about her, but Mr. Hat just wouldn’t drop it!

“That bitch must DIE!”

More people will show up if you tell them Punch and Pie!

Hell, even Kathie Lee’s career committed suicide to get away from her.

I never saw her talk show, so she pretty much passed underneath my radar. But I thought she was pretty good in “Spinning Out of Control,” that TV-movie last year where she made fun of her own public image . . . I divide celebs into those who “get the joke” and those who don’t.

Eve-I didn’t see that movie starring KLG (shudder) but I will have to agree with you about that. Can’t stand when anyone, celeb or not, can’t poke a little fun at themselves!

Didn’t she break up the Beatles or something?

[sub]shit, I wasted my 100th post on Kathie Lee[/sub]

I refuse to hop on the bandwagon and hate Kathie Lee. That being said, I don’t particularly enjoy anything with which she’s been involved, but I can’t find any tangible reason to dislike her as vehemently as the general public appears to dislike her.

I managed to ignore her almost completely for years. I never liked her, but I never loathed her, as so many people did. Until…

A few years ago, right after the scandal broke regarding Frank Gifford’s affair with a stewardess. At that point, I felt sorry for her. But then…

Look, if she had divorced Frank and taken him for every dime he had, I’d understand that. Or, if she chose to forgive and forget, and go to workj on saving her marriage, I’d understand that. Forgive him OR divorce him, Kathy. Either of those things make sense to me.

Instead, she used his affair as an excuse to make a wretchedly bad album of songs about betrayal and emotional suffering. And she went on countless TV shows, singing those songs about how, “You betrayed me… you stabbed me in the back… I can’t trust you… you hurt me, and I have nowhere to turn but to God”

I KNOW I shouildn’t feel sorry for Frank, the adulterer… but poor Frank had to sit in the front row of every performance, listening to her sing about what a scumball he was, and he had to smile and pretend this was all therapeutic.

Her eagerness and willingness to exploit her family’s misfortune to sell a few more records was what FINALLY made me join the Kathi haters’ club.

I never cared about her one way or the other, but then I’m usually out of the loop on these things. What’d she do?
No, I know who she was, I wanna know what she did to make everyone hate her so much? FTR, I never saw her show.

Oops, it seems astorian answered my very question while I was posting it. Thanks astorian, I think.

Okay, I need to go over here now.

Way, way back when, I used to spank my monkey thinking about her big ol’ hooters and that dumb cruise ship. It was only years later that I figured out who she was, whereupon I immediately stopped paying attention to her again.

So no, I don’t hate Kathie. I don’t really know anything about her, but I do have a relationship with her.

I liked her. The real her, I mean, not her public image, which I never really cared about one way or another.

Way back when (gather 'round, chirren, while granny tells you a story), I worked as a nanny for a family in Greenwich, and we lived across the street from the Giffords. One of “my” boys was the same age as Cody, and they would occasionally play together. (I say “occasionally” because Kathie Lee was very overprotective of Cody and did not really like him to come over to our house where she couldn’t keep an eye – and I mean her own personal eye – on him. Plus he was a tad spoiled.) As a nanny in dear old Greenwich, I received a crash course in being patronized by shallow wealthy people – that is, the ones who would deign to notice a mere nanny at all. You know – Why be nice to The Help?

IME, Kathie Lee treats every person she meets in a friendly and respectful manner. She doesn’t talk down to people, she doesn’t make any sort of big deal about the fact she’s “a star,” she doesn’t act like she has better things to do than talk to you, and she doesn’t talk about herself. When I knew her (and in the context I knew her), she was just another mom, and a hell of a lot more of a decent human being then a lot of them. She wasn’t even mad at me when she was in the tabloids (again), that time because of something I did.

I take no stand on her public persona, but she’s a good egg as a person, and I liked her.

Okay, here’s the story:

The parents of the family I worked for were out of town, and I was taking care of the three boys, who were 2, 4, and 6. One evening I was bathing them (all three in the tub), and I picked up the two year old out of the tub, stood him on the floor beside me, and turned around to help the next kid out. The 2 y.o. toddled off and immediately slipped and fell, cutting his chin on the sink plumbing as he fell. I knew immediately it was a cut that would need stitches. So I calmly and cheerfully tell the older two to get in their pajamas and put their shoes on, we’re going to the hospital (yay!). I put a sleeper on the crying, bleeding 2 y.o. and, in an atmosphere of general chaos, off we go to the hospital. Now, unbeknownst to me, the six y.o., who was a very responsible child, took it upon himself to turn the alarm on as we left the house.

So we get to the hospital and I realize that in the confusion I have forgotten to bring the form the parents filled out allowing me to authorize care for their children. The hospital will not treat the child without it. So I called Kathie Lee and asked her to go across the street and get the form and bring it down to the hospital. (That’s how comfortable I was with her, though we certainly weren’t friends; she was the sort of neighbor who would do such a favor.) I assure her the front door is unlocked, which I knew it was. So she and Frank go over and walk right in – setting off the alarm, which I hadn’t known the 6 y.o. had set. So the cops come and find Frank and Kathie Lee in the neighbors’ empty house with the alarm blaring. They explain the situation to the cops (who of course believe her; hey, this is Greenwich and she’s rich and famous) and bring me the form, no worries.

The next week an article was in the tabs about how Kathie Lee was “caught” in a neighbor’s empty home after she set off the alarm. :rolleyes:

But she was such a nice person that not only did she bring me the form I needed, she stayed with me at the hospital helping with the two other kids until I told her to go home, and she then offered to come over and help me put the kids to bed, an offer I declined by surely appreciated.

So anyway, I liked her.

From what I’ve heard, Cody is a whiny little brat. Didn’t HE file a lawsuit against a tabloid a couple of years ago?

I don’t know about suing the tabs, but I will confess he was a bit whiny and a bit bratty when I dealt with him. But he was then very litte (four) and I chalked it up to him not spending much time with other children or away from home. (Can’t recall if his sister was even born then.) He was very overprotected and sort of timid because of it. And of course at home alone he almost always got his own way. He wasn’t of an age to process why that shouldn’t be the case when you’re playing with another child in someone else’s house.

So… are they real? You know, the hooters.

Oh yuck yuck yuck!

I never really disliked her TV persona (Regis always seemed far more repulsive), but the way she used her kids for publicity purposes was pretty distasteful.

'course, the same goes for Ms. O’Donnell and anyone else who pimps their kids around for personal gain.

I can’t say that I’m a fan of hers however I don’t understand why so many people seem to hate her. On the other hand I don’t see why so many people hate Martha Stewart either.


I certainly disliked her show. I only ever watched it when I was at my in-laws house (my in-laws being Regis & Kathie Lee fans). I don’t much like talk shows anyway and I especially don’t like her brand of manic and somewhat fakey perkiness… I also dislike Regis’ public persona, so he shares the blame for my dislike of Kathie Lee, being as they were bracketed together on their show. I never saw any of her specials (avoiding that plastic perkiness thing). Nor did I see her movie – but it sounds as if it had a sense of humor so I might have liked it had I seen it. Obviously I’m only speaking of the Kathie Lee Public Persona here – I’ve never met her. Based on what Jodi said, I’d probably like her well enough IRL.