One more day 'till Kathie Lee is outta here

I can’t wait.

This pompous, egotistical, bible thumping wench is almost gone. I’ve hated her from day one. Almost as much as I hate Regis Philbin. But I liked him because he always went after her and her stuck-up, out-of-realty life. Now she can spend her every lasting day with her card board cut-out of a husband Frank Gifford.

And, if I see her Goddammed kids one more time I’m gonna hurl all over the floor.

Outta here Kathie Lee Fuckhead Gifford. Bitch.

I completely agree.

Have you heard her album? UGH it is sooo awful.

Thank GOD my spouse goes back to bed in the morning and misses this show. He tends to have the TV on for some of the day (“in the background” as he claims). This means over the dinner table I hear things like “You know, on Jerry Springer today there was this guy…”

It scares me.

Last week, and I am not making this up, he called me at work to tell me that Martha Stewart’s website had garden advice I might want to check into. And he quoted something from “The View” the other day. THE VIEW!!!

Once Kathie Lee is gone at least I’ll never have to worry about hubby getting morning insomnia and beginnging any sentence with “You shoulda heard what K.L said to Regis this morning!”

Praise allah.

Kathy Lee Gifford is being attacked. I, in no way, have an affinity for this woman, but in the sense of fairness, I feel she should be defended.

Um …

Uh …

Er …

Well, I got nothin’.

Oh yeah, I wouldn’t mind floinking her.

You know, one thing confuses me. Everybody loathes Kathie Lee, nobody really likes Regis.
So why is this show still on the air?

Because the alternative is showing something possibly WORSE!

Like . . . um . . yeah. Or WW2BAM.

BTW, the title of that show is misleading. Is there anyone who wouldn’t want to be a millionaire unless they were, say, Bill gates or Steve Jobs?

Also, the million, after taxes, comes to around 600K. NOT complaining, it’ just that they oughta give you a million after taxes, not before. It’ll never happen, but . . . one can hope [smiley deleted].

Cher3 (by the way, I HATE Cher too) I think the show will die once Kathie ‘Imma hard working mom one hour of the day’ Gifford leaves.

I think people, well educated people, not just moms with nothing better to do, watch it to see the two bitch at each other.

I personally must admit I watch the show to see Regis knock her down a notch. It never seems to work, however. She’s so beyond herself that even the prick Regis comming after her doesn’t phase her own ego. Without her, there really is no reason to watch. And seeing that they might be hiring what’s her name from the Taxi series, I’ll definetely stop watching.

Final note, for now anyways, today’s her last day. Whoopeee!!

Another round of guests saying how much they respect and love Kathie Lee. What the Fuck?! Respect her for what? Working one hour a day?

If I did that I’d be called a bum. Then again, people around me might be impressed that I make x million dollars a year doing this gig. Especially considering I get about five months out of the year off.

She’s gone!!!

I’m beginning to think there is a God.

I’m sure you’ll show up somewhere else, but thanks to the Lord above, I have new batteries in my remote and can escape the madness you spew by the simple click of the channel.

Damn, now I’m not going to learn how little Cody’s doing in his first year at Harvard Law School, that adorable little moppet! :smiley:

What?! Harvard!.

I thought Regis influenced everyone into going to Notre Dame for the well balanced education they offer. I mean, his daughter’s all went there, right?

I’m sure it has everything to do with their grades and nothing to do with Regis constantly saying how great that school is.

And by the way, don’t pick on Cody, that precious little soul. And Cassidy, oh Cass, your just too cute to ponder.