Kathie Lee

Okay, she’s leaving the show. I only watched it once, and she kindof amazed me with her weird asieds to the audience. After all thats been said about her, is there anyone who thinks she’s gotten bad pr? Or thats she is really wonderful? Just curious.

She’s always given me the creeps, even before the child-labor scandal. All that sunshiny, I’m-a-perfect-mom-and-wife stuff, when she can hardly restrain herself from saying something nasty every few minutes. It’s like watching a demonic possession.

I, for one, shall be very glad to see her go (not that I ever watched that show, anyway - the commercials are enough to put me off my kibble for weeks). That woman is the most annoying, loudmouthed freak of nature! Of course, Regis is pretty annoying, himself…

Flagrantly ignorant statements cheerfully
crammed right back down your neck.

She says she wants to “give her talents wider scope.”


I think the only way Regis could possibly look good is with her next to him. In other words, he needs a foil that is THAT lame to look cool by comparison…

Sweet Basil

I am NOT a hacker!

One of the local TV critics, who writes for the L. A. Weekly, years ago, wrote that Kathie Lee looked to her (the critic) like K.L. was ready to explode into violent rage at any minute. (Maybe it was from working with Regis. :))

Maybe Regis wil do the show with his wife, like he’s done before, when K.L. took time off. Maybe David Letterman will substitute for a day or two.