How much did Christie Brinkley get Billy Joel for in the divorce?

I did some moderate searching abd couldn’t find anything. Maybe i used the wrong search terms…

Since this is Cafe Society, and not GQ, I’ll hazard a guess and say not much. At the time of their marriage (1985), they were both celebrities and each was worth a small fortune. They undoubtedly signed a pre-nup. The fact that both remain friendly with each other and regularly get together (Joel offered Brinkley moral support during her recent divorce from Peter Cook, and they often are seen together with their daughter as a family) would attest to the fact it was not a bitter divorce for either and that Christie got little or nothing from Joel in the divorce.

This is just my own WAG, however, and should not be taken as truth in the light of other information.

No idea, but probably not that much, since Christie Brinkley is independently wealthy and therefore less likely to be a pure gold-digger a la Heather Mills. Brinkley and Joel also shared custody of their daughter Alexa, and have remained on friendly terms since the divorce.

Come to think, when you consider all the bad business deals Billy Joel has made (for example, his first wife embezzled nearly all of his life savings) it’s possible that Christie had to make alimony payments to Billy!

Just on a curious note- why on earth are you interested? I am not disparaging- just one thing that would never have concerned me.

I understand that Brinkley tagged Joel for so much dough that he wound up playing piano in some no-name piano bar downtown. The regulars are always amazed when they figure out who he is. Makes for nice tips, I hear.

Because her third ex husband was on 20/20 last night trash talking her and a discussion came up between me and my dad about her, her being married a lot and her being divorced a lot. ;^)

I don’t think she bought him at a divorce, I’m pretty sure it was a police auction.

Man-what is he doing there??