Alf Pogs.

Do they really exist?


An ebay search doesn’t bring up a single example of one for sale, so I’d have to say no. Heck, I’m surprised no one has made up their own and listed them for sale, just in reaction to the Simpsons joke.

If I remember correctly, Alf was 4 or 5 years before Pogs.

Star Wars was quite a few years before pogs, but there were still Star Wars pogs.

But Star Wars was still entrenched in cultural memory when Pogs were a thing. Alf? Not so much.

Actually, pogs were around long before Star Wars or Alf, or even The Lone Ranger. Kids in Hawaii played with them clear back in the 1920s. They just became popular with a larger audience in the 90s.

Weird. The OP joined in October 2007, but this is his/her first post.

Probably just trying figure out how best to phrase his question :).

Ironically, I have a complete set of Simpsons pogs.