Alias - help! 4/14

I was watching Alias tonight and missed a key piece of dialogue! What was the last thing Peter Berg’s (Noah) character said to Sydney in the kitchen? It was “blah blah, you know that” I missed the blah blah!


He said said something like “I tried to keep you out of this” - i.e., he tried to get her to take that flight to the South Pacific island so that she wouldn’t be at the house where he was really going to be.

I guess i missed some dialogue too: what was the reasoning for both of them being there?

I was kind of confused but I think this is what happened:

Noah was secretly that “Snowman” killer. He went to that house to kill the mutilated guy - the one who the CIA guy was meeting with earlier in the episode - and Sydney went there to get some kind of info - I think either about her mother or whatever was in the computer files that supposedly didn’t copy onto Noah’s laptop - from the mutilated (I think that’s why they didn’t show his face, anyway) guy. Except when she got there everyone was dead because Noah, the Snowman, had killed them. He knew he was going to have to kill whoever showed up at the mutiliated guy’s house so he was trying to get Sydney away to the island so she wouldn’t be the one he’d have to kill. I am not sure if that means he really was a double agent for K-Directorate, as was suggested earlier when they discovered all those bank transfers.

I will have to watch this episode again on Friday because I am not sure I got it all right.

Yep, my ep analysis:

Noah - Snowman killer for 12 years, dropped out of CIA sight in 97 (when he went deep undercover)

That explains why he left Sydney originally, he was in love with her and that couldn’t have been a good thing for a hired assasin.

So, while deep undercover he was turned by K- directorate. I don’t think he was skimming money from the mob though, I think all his cash came from payments for his work as an assasin.

He and Sydney were both looking for Collum (sp?) They did the undercover thing at the database but some “pulse” destroyed the info. Obviously, Noah put the info someplace else and retreived it for his own benefit, since he turned up in the right place.

I don’t think he knew that Syndey knew where the guy was (information found out by Marshall after Noah was gone), she lied to him on the phone (when he was on the plane, she said she hadn’t heard anything new about Collum).

I thought his name was Calder.

And he wasn’t the mutilated guy in Bogota, he was the other guy in the video with Sydney’s mom - the one who was supposed dead in the car accident.


interface2x: you are right, it was Calder - I knew I had something wrong in there. I can’t keep all these spies straight!

Glory, I remember now that Sydney lied to Noah when he talked to her from the plane but I still think he deliberately set up that island trip in order to make SURE that just in case SD6 (which I guess he thinks really is the CIA?) found out about Calder, they wouldn’t send her on the mission. He definitely said at the end just before he died that he tried to fix it so that she wouldn’t be involved.

What surprised me was how easily he tried to kill her - he saw it was her and was going to do it anyway. I guess that’s what makes a good assassin.

See, I figured it wass him early on in the fight, but because of that, I noticed that he was trying not to kill her, but to disarm her and maybe knock her out. That’s what I remember seeing, anyway. Thanks for the backstory, folks.

Yeah, I knew it was him. Just 'cause it had to be. They have to make Sydney really not want to be involved with anyone, to stretch out the tension with Vaughn.

I’m glad they offed Noah though, Peter Berg’s bad denture lisp was driving me crazy.