Alice Cooper dresses up for RNR HOF induction

Gotta hand it to the Coop: wearing a boa constrictor around your neck for the ceremony is about as rock ‘n’ roll as you can get.

The article goes on to say he’s ramping up for a new tour and a new album – a sequel to Love It To Death!

Everything I’ve read so far has called the new album “Welcome 2 My Nightmare”, which is a sequel to an entirely different album.

I suppose it could be a misprint in the article, but that’s what it says:

As they say “Snake goes with everything”.

Doesn’t he always wear the boa? Or was that someone else?

Elton’s the one that always wears a boa.

Alice lost all rock & roll credibility for me when he took up the game of golf. I cannot think of a more unimaginative, white-bread sport than that.

Eh, Alice is a gentleman. Golf is traditionally a gentleman’s game. This interview definitely refers to it as “Welcome 2 My Nightmare”. I can’t see how it’s a ‘mis-print’, nor can I see how a fact like that can get confused. It’s not like the album titles are even simiilar. Obviously one of the articles has its facts wrong. I’m not sure how Love it To Death would even have a sequel, as it’s not like there’s any kind of story on that album to be continued, like there was on ‘Nightmare’.

It would have been disappointing if he hadn’t worn a snake. I see he’s wearing an albino Burmese python in the photo. Everybody knows that’s a formal snake, so it was a tasteful choice.

Which is why he rocks. Lesser rockers do the expected things like taking a lot of drugs or dating porn stars or racing around on motorcycles. Alice Cooper defies expectations by playing golf - he refuses to conform with stereotypical non-conformity.

I wonder if he’ll take a plane to the ceremony?

Uber-crazy Rock Star playing GOLF??!!
How nonconformist can you get?

Actually, from what I hear the guy is quite intelligent and has maintained his persona for quite a period of time. I am not much of a fan of that genre but he is a class act IMNSHO.

Absolutely. He can do whatever the hell he wants. The Hall of Fame induction was a long damn time coming.

Was Vince Furnier inducted as Alice Cooper by himself, or was the original band invited and inducted with him?

I know he was gracious enough to mention and salute his original bandmates (Mike Bruce, et al.) when the Hall announced their selection, but were the other guys on stage with Vince?

As a band, although the official bio I link to also mentions his solo career.

Yes, they were. And he also paid homage to Glen Buxton.

Cool- I hoped he would. Thanks.

Golf is, in some ways, the least surprising thing about Alice. When he was first nominated this year, he took great pains to say how honored he was to be in a class with Laura Nyro, who he said was his favorite songwriter. THAT’S harder to square with Alice’s image than golf, to me.

The tuxedo of constrictors!

The article has been fixed now.

Gotta love Alice!

It’s disconcerting that the article linked in the OP veers between Alice Cooper being a person or a group. I thought that the name had originally applied to the group but it has meant V. Furnier himself since some time in the '70s. So which is it?