Alice Cooper=Goth?

Is Alice Cooper…“School’s out for Summer”…a Goth?

perhaps a proto-Goth, except he always was having too much fun with it. Rob Zombie seems to be maintaining that tradition. (Marilyn Manson is not.)

I always thought goth meant you had to be depressed or dour (or full of yourself).

Alice Cooper (and Rob Zombie) is too fun to count. IMO, of course.

Goths can have fun with it, too.

Alice Cooper is a legend, thereby not goth.

Rob Zombie, well, I have a feeling he’d kick the shit out of goths for the whining.

Just my opinion.

Would Goths play golf, or appear on “Hollywood Squares”? Alice does!

Alice is usually called “Glam” or “Glitter,” albeit taken to an extreme.

Or teach Sunday school?

(Tho do a search on Christian Goth & some interesting stuff comes up)

Alice was goth before goth was goth, man…

As an old school fan (tidbit…Alice Cooper was originally just the name of the band, a la Jethro Tull, or Pink Floyd. Alice later adopted the pseudonym for himself) I’d really consider him somewhere among glam-, art-, and schlock-rock. Think Frank Zappa, or The Cramps.

Goth requires a band to have an inflated air of self-importance and profundity. e.g. Alice sang about dead babies with a smile on his face, and you get a grin while listening. Bauhaus sang about dead babies as some sort of intense poetic metaphor, and you are supposed to furrow your brow solemnly while listening.

Today’s my daughter’s 38th birthday, and she and her boyfriend are going to see Alice Cooper tonight at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa.

That’s all I have. :slight_smile:

You totally have Bauhaus wrong. They didn’t take themselves seriously at all.
Have you even listened to their first album?
Grrr. It makes me mad that you’d slander them so. :mad: