All Praise GuanoLad, Man Of The People


It’s self indulgence time. I had a shit of a day on Friday and I’d like this, my 2000th post, be the beginnings of a thread that is in praise of ME ME ME! To cheer me up.

So could everyone who has ever laughed at my jokes, been impressed with my candour, or think I look not-un-cute, please fill this thread to overflowing with praise for the glory that is I?

If it gets to a second page, I’ll be happy :wink:

P.S. no questions about PigeonMan

Well I was gonna ask how PigeonMan is coming, but fine. Be that way.

Well, I just went to check you out on the People Pages, and I can safely say I found you to be not entirely un-cute. And you have very strongly held convictions. That’s cool. And I have been impressed with your candor in the past. I can’t say that I recall laughing at any of your jokes, but I also cannot say, without a doubt, that I have never laughed at a joke you made. So perhaps I have!

So here’s to you!

There’s no crap on you, shit boy!