All right, why do you think I'm a drama queen?

In this thread, some people called me a drama queen. While I don’t think that is necessarily true of me, I did try and defend myself. (maybe not very well) You can go and read my previous posts before you go and call me a drama queen! Of course, depending on your interpretations of them, these allegations might become substantiated in your view.

Just because I happened to use exclamation points to end a good number of my sentences in that thread does not mean I’m a drama queen! Also, just because you perceive I feel the need to respond to every statement made about me in that thread does not make me a drama queen. There are times that I might come across as overly hysterical, but I don’t go around shrieking over every perceived injustice!

So what say you all? Am I nothing but a hysterical drama queen who goes around like a screaming banshee whenever I think I’ve been wronged or slighted by a member of this message board?

Oh, and to Primaflora: it appears my search parameters were correct; the person we were talking about isn’t banned yet. (“yet” being the operative word)

Guin, if you were telling everyone to back off from slagging me, thanks… I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Note: I was undecided over whether to put this in MPSIMS (as I am more of an MPSIMS-type person), or the Pit. Since I thought that this might become Pit material in the future, I decided to save the mods the trouble of moving it.

well, it’s just me, but if after a month and a half, a single person used the term ‘drama queen’ in a thread and one other person seemed to agree, and I felt compelled to open a pit thread asking why, I guess it’d be redundant. :slight_smile: (note smiley)

Seriously, I have no problem w/you. Honest, I don’t. But you answered the charge just fine in the other thread, opening another one just to air it out is only necessary if you feel there’s more to it than that.

this is a very, very large message board. There can be lots of little sniping that can go on between folks. There’s really no reason to get caught up in pettiness just 'cause some one said something less than complimentary.

Not everyone here is going to like you. Or me.

I’ve learned to walk away from most little snipping. IT’s served me well.

Yeah I thought it was a RiS type thing but it appears not.

I haven’t got time to go and read every last damned post you’ve put on this board. But I don’t think you’re a drama queen – I’m more reminded of Ned Flanders with a narcissistic personality disorder running round like a headless chicken.

This has to be the one of the most unintentionally ironic threads I have ever seen.

Let me get this straight. You are worried about being perceived as a drama queen, so in order to dispel this perception you post a Pit Thread about it?

This thread was likely a bad idea. You hadn’t done anything to warrant a pit thread, but now that you have opened one up for yourself: 1) anyone who saw you as even a mild irritant or simply has a good flame they want to use is likely to pile on, and 2) a vanity pit thread pretty much supports the notion that you do indeed get off on a bit of drama.

Good luck. :smiley:


Are you a drama queen? How the fuck should I know? I don’t even know who the fuck you are. Or care.

Uhhhh, I dunno, maybe it’s just me but this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

Coupled with this:

Just screams out “hysterical drama queen” to me. However, YMMV.


Is it an either/or proposition? Perhaps you’re somewhere between Norma Desmond and Mother Theresa?


To answer your question seriously, I think the “slighting/slagging” was directed at with your high post count. The main gripe seems to be that while you’ve been a member for scarcely two months (as have I), you’ve already racked up almost 1000 posts. In other words, you’ve been diagnosed with verbal diarrhea. The drama queen remarks were directed at your use of exclamation points.

Ditto what wring said, “Seriously, I have no problem w/you. Honest, I don’t.” For the record, I’ve enjoyed and even laughed out loud at some of your responses to other threads. Just trying to give you the feedback that you asked for in the OP.

Vive la verbal diarrhea. :smiley:

My goodness, you people!

Are we so starved for people to rant about that we need to pick apart every little fault of a pretty harmless person? And from what I’ve seen, all these are are little faults.

Are we so starved for Pit threads that we need to validate someone because her feelings are hurt?

Flamsterette_X I for one have been highly entertained by your posts. Drama queen or not, please don’t stop posting. I like your humor and your passion.

[sub]is that good enough to become one of your stalkers?[/sub]

I don’t know andros. Maybe you could try a bit of fucking civility though.

My 2 cents:
Yeah, there might be just a touch of the dramatic about you, F_X, but “it ain’t no thang.” Hell, it’s kind of endearing. I’ve mostly enjoyed your posts.

So chill, dahlin’!

Ooo! Ooo! Do we start a thread about andros now? Huh? Huh? Huh?

[sub]{Insert obligatory “grinning, ducking & running” here}[/sub]


Please, Esprix. Are we so starved for Pit threads that we need to roast someone because he made an insensitive comment?

[sub][ducking and running, then losing balance and tripping due to the awkward gait required to run while ducking, getting up and dusting self off, assuming nonchalant “I meant to do that” air, then walking away with all the dignity I can muster][/sub]

“I’m ready for my closeup, Jesus”?

Flamsterette, While understanding that you opened this thread to stop the other one being hijacked, I agree with Waverly: It wasn’t a good idea.

And what swampbear said. Apart from the stalking bit - my wife says she’d hurt me if I did that.

Does the ignore function work? You might want to enable that for those choice few who just enjoy to saying hurtful things. Unless you like to flamster them. To each his own.