All the cool kids hate...

Olive Garden.


And a bunch of other stuff I can’t be bothered to think of right now because I don’t pay any fucking attention to the faux cool hate mongers.

So what other things are currently popular as objects of derision in order to show how cool and with the times people are?

Coldplay or some other shitty band that I don’t care about. :smiley:

Well, Applebee’s, of course. TV shows - any TV shows. Landlines like grandma still has.

Hatred of Nickleback is pretty in these days. Although I’m not sure how much of that is faux hatred to fit into the crowd and how much is legitimate loathing. I mean, after all, they do suck.

Wait. All the cool kids hate U2, now?

Finally, I’m one of the cool kids! I’ve been hating them for over a decade!

Nah. Isn’t worth the effort.

I’m going to disagree with you on TV shows. Some TV shows, yes, but not all. The whole “I only own one small TV set and it’s covered with spit” thing is more a relic of the 60s, IMHO.

My contribution is: Ed Hardy apparel, although I only know that because there was a recent thread on the topic.


I dunno, I do know a couple of “I don’t own a TV. Everything I might want to watch is on Hulu” snobs.

I don’t mean the TV shows themselves, sorry (why else is something written about Gossip Girl in every. single. issue. of Entertainment Weekly?). I meant, actually watching shows on a TV. All the cool kids watch TV on Hulu or their cell phones or Twitter or whatever hell other gadget there is. But of course there are only a handful of TV shows worthy of being watched, anyway.

Oh, right. Yes, I will concur that watching TV on an actual, boring TV set (even worse: watching shows at the actual time they are broadcast) is totally uncool.

Hating hipsters is pretty popular these days

You don’t have to be a hipster to think that Olive Garden is salty pre-fab crap. All you have to do is wake up in the middle of the night with cotton mouth that only 2 gallons of water will quench.

Dave Matthews Band

I think that hatemongering is biting its own tail repeatedly, so now people are really confused about what you should hate. Should you hate Starbucks, because it’s corporate crap? Or should you hate people who hate Starbucks, because they’re pressing their own social views on other people, taking away from their enjoyment and freedom? Or should you hate people who hate people who hate Starbucks, because they get distracted by their populist preferences and ignore the underlying issues of health and product quality…

This could go on forever. The point is that now, anyone who wants to have an opinion on something has to struggle to find the hippest one, because it’s getting harder and harder to avoid clichés.

Eeesh. That is so 2006!

The cool kids hate:

Kevin Costner.

Nicolas Cage.


I play it safe and hate everyone and everything.

I hate lamp.

being called “the cool kids.”