All the Pac-Man games

Given the sheer number of maze-type arcade games there have been over the years (some of them really popular…Lady Bug was huge everywhere I went), I think it’s pretty amazing how this one ambiguious yellow ball-thing (along with some associated family members) became such an enduring icon.

So, just how many Pac-Man games are there? Here are the ones I know of:

Pac-Man - The birth of a legend.
Ms. Pac-man - The “sex appealing” one, much more complicated and difficutl to pattern.
Pac-Man Plus - A highly challenging hack of the original game. Not too popular.
Super Pac-Man - A juiced-up version of the old game with super energizers and apples, doughnuts, cups of coffee, and the like replacing dots.
Pac 'n Pal - I never even heard of this before MAME; probably the weirdest game of the franchise.
Baby Pac-Man - Unusual video game/pinball hybrid.
Jr. Pac-Man - The almost completely forgotten “final installment” with expanded boards and treacherous energizer-zapping bonus items.
Pac-Land - Based on the cartoon (or is it vice-versa?), this was a sidescroller where the hero had to evade pits, traps, and a horde of ghosts.
Pac-Mania - 1987 revamp featuring a bouncing Pac-Man and about a gazillion ghosts on the final board.
“Arrange” Pac-Man - One of the games in the “Namco classics” series. Built more or less on the Pac-Mania engine.
Pac-Man World series - 3D free-roaming games…dunno how many.
Pac-man Fever - PS2 party game

I know that there’s something called “Professor Pac-Man” floating out there, but I’ve never seen it.

(Note: Just the actual Pac-Man games, not the ones where he’s a guest star, like Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune.)

I have. I played it a few times at the arcade located in (I think) Harrah’s Casino in Reno. In Professor Pac-Man, you’re asked a series of progressively harder educational/trivia questions as you advance through the maze. I didn’t think it was too bad but–given the “educational” aspect of the game–I knew it wouldn’t be as popular as **Pac-Man ** or Ms. Pac-Man.

Well, there’s Pac Manhattan.

You got the video game/pinball hybrid, but there is also a pinball only game called Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man.

Also, even though you don’t count cameos, Pac-Man (as well as the ghosts) played a sizable role on certain levels of Kick-Man, a semi-popular coinop from 1981.