All you Zimmerman-lovers in the Great Debates thread are...

some racist bitches.

And narrow-minded, too. I bet you wouldn’t have excused Zimmerman if Trayvon had been wearing a suit and tie. It’s just so massively brain-damaged to equate “hoodie-wearer” with “deserves violent death”.


No link, bare minimum content, no real outrage.
Zero entertainment value.

Try again.

Give it time. My guess is that they’ll say things that’ll have me foaming at the mouth with outrage in this thread pretty soon.

But yeah, lame first post in thread. :slight_smile:

Oh my, now the goddamn cowboys are showing up in that thread.

People who fantasize constantly about killing the “bad guys” with guns and then get concealed-carry permits scare the shit out of me.

At least Bricker is a calm, measured bigot.

These cowboy types are fucking frightening. So eager and enthusiastic, in a really unsettling way.

If you gave some examples of some of these “cowboy types” or anything in particular that is stoking your outrage so, I might be inclined to jump on the bangwagon, grab a pitchfork and kick some bigot-ass with ya. Unfortunately you’ve given me nothing. :frowning:

What thread? Which one is the OP talking about – we have god knows how many threads on the Zimmerman/Martin case.

Or, he could just be retarded.

I may have missed it, but the first page of Great Debates does not have any threads started by the OP here. There are two Stand Your Ground threads, neither of which were started by *al here. Color me confused. Or blind.

This one presumably, since the OP is posting there.

I guess that means I’m blind. I thought the OP had said "my Great Debate thread. Sigh.

I heard Zimmerman doesn’t tip.

I don’t think that’s fair. There are several other posters who show up in the Zimmerman/Martin threads whom I would comfortably call bigots. You might not like the positions that Bricker takes in these threads, but he’s almost always advancing a legal viewpoint based on the available evidence rather than venturing an opinion. I haven’t come across anything he’s written that smacks of bigotry.

Speaking as someone who hopes Zimmerman spends more than a few years behind bars, that’s a reprehensible and wildly inaccurate accusation, and you should be ashamed of yourself for making it.

Dang. I thought this was about Bob Dylan of the Freedom Medal of a couple of days ago.

My bad.

** WHAT!?**

I am literally angry with rage!!


He worked in the home mortgage business, your honor need we continue with the re-hanging formalities?

Well, I did express some discomfort with, “Mr. Zimmerman, it’s been alleged you maliciously killed Treyvon Martin. Please stand. OK, the bailiff may fire when ready.”

You’re quite possibly the most irrational poster I’ve seen here in a long while. I could have a much more reasonable and calm discussion about religion with Der Trihs than I can with you about the Martin case. Surely you’re some sort of performance artist because you can’t possibly be serious.

(Sigh) The Trayvon case wasn’t about racism. It was about some wanna’ be jack ass who thought he was Clint Eastwood.

Perhaps Zimmerman shot Martin because the latter pronounced his vowels in a sing-song way, giving them full-breath support. He must’ve grown up in the jungles of Africa.

Something important seems to have escaped your notice: you’re an idiot.

Understandable as it might be.