All your base are belong to us.

I just got through re-redesigning my website and if you guys don’t mind…I’d like your honest opinion on it’s design. It’s basically for sharing weblinks and silly newsbites with my friends, combined with my webcam, and I wanted to make it nice and compact and uncluttered…so tell me what you think. It’s WWW.PROJECTMONKEY.COM, and I’d appreciate any and all feedback. I’ve still got some tinkering to do with it…but I’m mainlly concerned about the overall appearance right now.

Too many annoying blinky flashing things.

Otherwise looks nifty.

Yeah, I realize now, that I should switch up the link buttons…they are a bit busy.

Not bad. I know nothing about html, so… it’s better than I could do.

Needs a flash intro tho’… that I do know how to do.

Of course. Every site needs a flash intro at the very least.

That seems to be a bit over the top sometimes…like half the time the intro is ten times more interesting than the actual site. Anyways, it’s primarily just for me and my buddies, so I’m not gonna waste that much time for them!!!

Is that a bottle of Point beer on your desk? Or is is Labatt’s or something? Just curious, being from the home of Point Beer.

Nah, it’s a Foster’s. I guess an appropriate title for my webcam would be “Watch Gavin drink beer and pick his nose!”…that’d bring the women a com’n from all over.

Other than the blinky-bits (I have a deep-seated antipathy for rotating, blinking and popping things on web pages) it has a nice feel to it. I like the colors, and it looks nice and is easy to navigate.

I removed the “blinky” link-button, and I’m just gonna have to design a less obnoxious one…I also spiffed up the scroll bars, and pretty soon I’m gonna add an “All Your Base Are Belong To Us” archive…it’s so stupidly addicting. Thanks for the positive feedback!!!

Stupid “All Your Base” added…I am such a geek. :stuck_out_tongue: