Allen Gregory is a ridiculous show that will not last the season and I want him to die in a fire

Allen Gregory is the most fucked up new show of the season. It will not last the year, it can’t, its too horrible for words.

For those who don’t know, picture if you will, the distilled pretentiousness of a million yuppies wrung out of their crushed bodies and forced anally into the rectum of a pregnant woman that creates a siamese twin of double-douchebagginess. Pull those fetuses out of her womb at 6 months, kill one twin and feed it to the other, then grow the abomination that remains in a vat of Perrier. Then, travel back in time, dump the newborn on the Pharoah’s lap and have him raise it to 7, killing Moses at the same time so he’d never known a world without absolute power plentiful slaves, and you have Allen Gregory.

Look Jonah Hill, its nice you lost all that weight, but did you have to coalesce the remaining skin and fat, mix it with a pile of dog feces, and throw it into the teleportation chamber from The Fly along with a copy of only the smarmy side of Jeremy Piven’s character from Entourage? I hate this show. I hate the characters, I hate everything about it. If the multiverse exists, and this universe is somehow real, I would merge our universes together with it and turn everyone into mutant hybrids of our other selves just to hurt Allen Gregory.

I mean come on! Aren’t main characters with their name in the title at least supposed to be somewhat interesting and likeable? Even if he’s a jerk sometimes, at least there’s a lovable side or a funny side or a sweet side or anything that can make viewers want to come back every week and watch him! I can find no atom in Allen’s entire body that is likeable, and that I wouldn’t mix with gunpowder and detonate if I could. Who the fuck is the audience for this show, cannibals? There was probably more murders during that half hour last night than the entire previous month combined!

For those who didn’t watch this show, and nor should you ever, Allen Gregory is a precocious 6 or 7 year old, born to a gay man who’s somewhat of a power player in finance or Hollywood or whatever. And don’t misunderstand me when I say he’s precocious: he’s not Malcolm from Malcolm in the Middle precocious, he’s Mr. Burns from the Simpsons if he killed a child and started wearing his skin around and living his life precocious.

In his tiny, besuited body lies every single yuppie stereotype Hollywood has about itself magnified by a hundred. He’s a filthy rich, entitled, childish (not as an innocent child, but as a tantrum throwing creature from a dimension where screaming is the only form of communication), spoiled brat. He’s new money, not old money, his father being some kind of a wealthy man with his gay boyfriend living in a penthouse in a big city. Allen speaks like a 50 year old Hollywood agent, calls people on his cell phone at lunch, and instructs his teacher that he’s fine with respect as long as she realizes they’re equals.

Its not just the stuff he says. Hell, I’m fine with the exaggerated silliness of Stewie trying to kill Lois with his cache of supervillain weapons, but Allen Gregory doesn’t rise (or sink) to that level of humor. His show is played more straight, a normalish universe with him as the odd ball, like a Twilight Zone episode where only the main character can see what’s wrong while everyone else goes on their merry way. But the character is just an excuse to get pissed and punch a wall. He was probably created to make sure chain gangs worked harder by working them into a rage and directing that anger at rocks or garbage or whatever it is that chain gangs do.

This was show so abhorrent that 7 minutes in I couldn’t stand it, but I kept watching to give it a chance. I turned it off 10 mins later, having reached my decade’s quota of rage, the swear jar smashed, the stress ball crushed into a two dimensional plane that stretches from here to Saturn.

Am I alone in this? There is absolutely no redeeming characteristic about this boy. He’s callous and myopic, stubbornly selfish, cruel to some random girl named Julie who’s living in his house, and the worst: he’s just not funny. I have never not wanted to laugh as much as I did last night when watching this, and I suffered through that Charlie Verducci episode of Married with Children.

The plot was completely secondary but I’l recount some of it here. The family: Allen, his dads, and some kid named Julie living with them, is apparently going through a tough economic time and will have to send Allen to public school (even though he’s being tutored by his dad’s boyfriend). He goes, getting into trouble and wacky situations with his 50 year old man brain and new money pretentiousness and falls in love with the veiny-boobed, morbidly obese 60 year old principal. She rejects him, he has a crises, and it was about this time when the black servant walked in to dispense some life advice to Allen that I had to turn it off.

The only way this show could be saved is if the next week featured 30 mins of Allen being caught in some kind of SAW-like torture puzzle where he’s constantly being fed pain and suffering through all his orifices. In the end, he dies and the show moves on the next week with a new main character.

I had never heard of this show until i read your post.

I went and searched for reviews, and it seems that plenty of people agree with you: 1 2 3

If i’m watching TV on a Sunday evening, it’s likely to be football, followed by something like Dexter or Boardwalk Empire, so i doubt this would make the rotation anyway, but it does look pretty damn awful.

Every time I saw an ad for this show, I thought back when all the networks were trying to capitalize on the Simpsons success in its 3rd or 4th year by pushing out poorly thought out “adult” cartoons that appealed to adults. Every single one of those cartoons were horrible, so I’m not surprised this one is as well.

Wow, I just read all 3 of those reviews. Its scary how utterly in sync I am with all of those critics. The first link even said it in the same way I did “Its just not funny”.

The character is just so so SOOOOO unlikable. There is no redeeming quality to him. I was almost expecting a release, a final scene where the mischievous but ultimately good person shone through, giving us some reason, any reason to root for him. I didn’t even make it that far. If that happened, the first 17 minutes of the show thoroughly and irrevocably turned me against him.

Allen Gregory needs a playdate with Stewie.

Well, it does start with Jonah Hill, after all. So the “it’s just not funny” is a feature - not a bug.

Somewhere in the recent past it was decided that mean spirited douchy-ness was the height of funny (it’s not, by the way). So, much of Hollywood jumped on the bandwagon. The key that they are missing is - just like with Stewie and Cartman it can work in a supporting role. It just doesn’t work as the lead.

I never got that vibe from Jonah Hill. He was always the chubby loser, paired up with other losers, who had, if not a heart of gold, but an underlying goodness. This character’s just completely unlikeable

I saw an ad for the show, and it looked wretched. Looks like I didn’t miss much when I made no effort to see this show.

YogSosoth, I’m a little torn here. On the one hand I thought the show was hilarious. On the other hand I thought your OP was hilarious as well, and on point in many ways. The only argument I can make is that the writers are quite aware that Allen Gregory (the character) is a monster; and we’re supposed to root for bad things to happen to him. The reset button at the end of the episode is necessary for the conceit to continue. It’s like Good Times in reverse.

What happened to Bob’s Burgers. This show is terrible. Absolutely everybody in that show is unlikable.

I’ll agree that I prefer Bob’s Burgers, though American Dad would have been better still.

I said it in the animation domination thread, but I’ll say it here again. Everytime I saw a commercial for this show, I wanted to kick that kid in the balls.


Anyway, it seems that no other new show this season has provoked as visceral a reaction as this. The hatred for it is really lighting up the message boards something fierce today.

The lead character isn’t “likeable” so the show is no good.

This is the reason why British television has Blackadder and Fawlty Towers and Absolutely Fabulous and The Young Ones. While American television has Friends and The Cosby Show and Everyone Loves Raymond and Full House.

Is Allen Gregory a good show? I don’t know, I’ve only seen one episode. But I’m not going to condemn it just because I don’t want to give it a hug.

Unlikeable protagonists are fine. As long as they’re entertaining.

Al Bundy had not a redeeming quality about him. Yet I liked that show, because it made me laugh.

Hollywood has no talent anymore. Zero.

Well, i was never a huge fan of Ab Fab, but i actually disagree with you about all the others.

I think Blackadder is a very likable character. Not because he’s a nice guy, per se, but because the show is written in such a way that the audience empathizes with his many frustrations. When he’s rolling his eyes at the Prince, or ridiculing another one of Baldrick’s “cunning plans,” we feel for him precisely because he’s the voice of reason in sea of dunderheads.

Basil Fawlty elicits some of the same reactions. Even when he’s acting like a self-righteous jackass, there’s something about his situation and his eternal hopelessness that makes us pity him, and there are plenty of times when he is also the voice of reason in the presence of the frustrating other, whether it be the doddering Major, the uncomprehending Manuel, or the arrogant American tourist. Basil isn’t really unlikable, and we either empathize with him or pity him, depending on the situation.

And i never really found the Young Ones unlikable at all.

It seems to me, at least based on the OP and the reviews that i linked earlier, that there is something about Allen Gregory that is fundamentally different from the British characters that you mention. Also, the ability of an unlikable character to remain popular is, in considerable measure, related to the overall context of the show in which that character appears. When Basil is unlikable, he gets his comeuppance at the hands of Sybil or Polly, and while Blackadder himself may be a sneering and derisive character at times, the show itself is not. And both Basil and Blackadder really have what it takes: they deliver the goods, in the form of real humor.

Peter Griffin is not at all likable; neither is Eric Cartman. But Family Guy and South Park work for two reasons. One, the other characters don’t make it easy for those two to be as jerkish as they want. (One of the reviews made a similar point about Stewie Griffin: no one reacts to him except Brian, so his threats are meaningless.) This show looks like it’s supposed to be [del]Parker Lewis[/del]Allen Gregory Can’t Lose, and I didn’t even think that was funny. And two, both those shows have ensemble casts. FG is about the Family, not just the Guy. SP centers on the four boys, not just Cartman, and has a hella lot of secondary characters. It’s hard to build a series around just one character, and here it sounds impossible.

I really liked it, I thought it was hilarious.

As Allen Gregory (the character) is so astronomically wretched, I figured that he is supposed to be a ramped-up concentration of everything we hate about uber-yuppies, oozing pretension and self-importance, who we get to use as a punching bag/stress release squeeze ball through laughing at him and his dipshit family.

Isn’t he the punchline?

Did you like it?

By (very wisely) turning it off early, you missed the creepy plot point that his *father *is gay, but his father’s partner is a straight guy who was stalked and brainwashed into “becoming gay” and leaving his wife and children. Umm, *ha? *

I … didn’t hate it. But everyone is so extremely unlikable that I think it’s a tough sell. I vastly prefer Bob’s Burgers, at any rate.