Alliterative Names - Adam Ant, Bob Barker, ...

I’m looking to come as close as possible to completng a roster of 26 names with following rules:

  1. The name is readily recognizable to Americans as a moderately well-known actual person (living or dead) or fictional character. If they don’t have a wikipedia entry, they’re not famous enough. But the mere presence of a wiki entry doesn’t prove they’re famous enough; wiki has a lot of really obscure stuff on it.

  2. The first & last name start with the same letter, like those in the thread title.

  3. If somebody is famous with a short form (e.g. Bob Barker is really named Robert Barker) or nickname (e.g. Babe Ruth), then that’s the name which must alliterate. So even if Ruth’s actual first name was Richard, he wouldn’t qualify, while Barker does.

This isn’t a game & I have no prize to give. I actually have a use for this & am looking to the SDMBers for their collective knowledge of trivia & catchy names. We’ll probably fail on X & Q, but let’s get as close as we can.

I’m not necessarily looking for more names for the letters I’ve already solved, but if you know of any, feel free to post them too.

So far I have:

A - Adam Ant
B - Bob Barker, Bill Bixby
C - Charlie Chan, Carol Channing
D - Dan Deirdorf (kinda weak unless you live around here)
E -
F - Fred Flintstone
G - Greta Garbo
H - Herbert Hoover
I -
J - Jesse Jackson
K -
L -
M - Marilyn Manson
N - Nick Nolte
O -
P -
Q -
R - Ronald Reagan
S - Sam Spade
T - Tom Terrific, Tiny Tim
U -
V -
W - Walt Whitman, Walter Winchell
Y -
Z -

E: Emilio Estevez
V: Vivian Vance

K - Ken Kesey

P - Peter Parker

almost every classic marvel superhero: Reed Richards, Bruce Banner, etc.

Lois Lane

Y: Yankee Yankovich

U – Ugueth Urbina

Erik Estrada
Kevin Keegan - probably fails to meet “famous in America” criterion, so how about
Kasey Keller instead
Zinedine Zidane

K—“Killer” Karl Kox, “Killer” Kowalski–both well known pro wrestlers, Kowalski probably being more famous.

E—Eric Estrada

Z - Ziyi Zhang

O: Ozzy Osbourne

Pedantic note: alliteration is a repetition of the initial consonant sound. So Ozzy Osbourne is alliterative but Ugueth Urbina is not.

Of course, most people just think of it at “initial sound”. But if you are using the list for something, you may want to try to make it pedant proof.


Isn’t that something the Pink Panther might call a child molesting insect?


Moving thread from IMHO to The Game Room.

Ansel Adams

V: Vic Vega (The real name of Mr. Blond, Michael Madsen’s character in Reservoir Dogs.) I don’t know if he passes the famousness test, so I’ll submit Victor Von Doom, Dr. Doom’s alter ego in the Fantastic Four.

Good luck with I. The only alliterative I people I could even find were all named Ivan Ivanov, and none of them are even remotely famous in the US. They’re all Bulgarians, and two were Olympians and one was PM during WWII.

Ike Issacs?

Cassius Clay
Clarence Clemens
Marky Mark
Tina Turner
Bobby Brown
David Duke
J. Jonah Jameson
Lyle Lovett
Roger Rabbit
Sam Stone

Farrah Fawcett
Janis Joplin
Harry Houdini
Kris Kristopherson