Alls I know...

AAAHH!!! Why do people say that? It sounds so stupid!! I bet they found out what they know cuz they axe’d a question… that bugs me too.

I usually just chalk it up to general-purpose drooling idiocy, but I just heard it on a documentary!! GAAAHHH!!!

Teeming Millions:
“Meat flaps, yellow!” - DrainBead, naked co-ed Twister chat
O p a l C a t

You sure it wasn’t “awls I know…”, I love a good tool documentary.


I lived in Grand Isle, Louisiana for a bit I always was called a “Yankee” which makes no sense since I am from Colorado.

Anyhow, it was a big joke in the Coast Guard, “go axe your mother.”

For me at 18 it was living in a foreign country as I rarely heard such odd phrases come from Americans before. I find that a friend of mine that was born in Montana and lived in Colorado for a long time picked up on the Southern accent in Florida and comes up with some weird things too such as “my bad” and “ifn” drives me up a wall!

I think I need to slow the repeat speed on my computer, OpalllCat sheesh!

< banging head on table, I’ve been mashing people’s screen names all over the place >

I need a beer!

Yeah, but that’s still not as bad as “I could care less” to mean “I couldN’T care less”… THAT bothers me to no end!!! Say what you mean!

Don’t worry about that, Opal - it’s a mute point.

If you’re really concerned, drop by the liberry. You can relax by looking at some beautiful pitchers of fall foilige.


  • Rick

How do hard-working farmers find time to be funny?

I love regionalism in speech. I don’t consider it bad grammar – just extra flavor.

Occasional bad grammar doesn’t bother me, but “had went” and “I seen” trip my trigger!

Alls I know is “irregardless” and “at the present point in time” are the two that push my buttons.

I hate it when people end their sentence with “you know”. No I don’t know. And it’s not being used as a question. It’s just how they end the sentence. I have a strong southern accent…but I don’t use the axe your mother. But I do use reckun, and ain’t and lots of others. I dated a guy from Vermont and he really made fun of me. We used the word “ill” to mean angry or on the bad side of someone, “it made me ill when I was late for work.” That’s not physical ill its an emotion.

“Do or do not, there is no try” - Yoda

Are you kidding…
“Y’alls remember that time when that cow swatted you upside the face with that $h!t covered tail ? Now that time was funny”

The reference desk at the local library, thirty years ago, had a small sign on it. It was done in nice hand calligraphy, on a white card in a wooden stand. It must have represented a few hours work, altogether. It said:
<P ALIGN=“CENTER”>Please do not axe the libarian.</P>

I fell on the floor, and couldn’t get up. She was quite pleased. (Thanks for the wonderful memory Harva.)


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hey, opal, it could have been worse. they could have showed the documentary in feb_U_ary. then you maybe could have cared less. irregardless.

“Irregardless” and “orientated/disorientated” are the ones that bug me.

“Orientated” means that one is facing east.

I might could tell you alls I know, if’n I knew.

I’ve often heard the police on the news say “the suspect was moving at a high rate of speed”

That must have been in a crisis situation.

Along the same lines of this, it really crumbles my crackers when someone over uses of the word “literally” as in “I was so scared, I literally jumped out of my skin.”

Here’s your Texas English lesson for the day:
Q. What’s the plural of “Y’all” in Texas?
A. “All Y’all”


seems like we knew that…

AB: I’m fixin’ to go to the sto’ ta’ git’ me some chitlins [have you any idea what chitlins are?] Ya’ll won’t some?
No, we done ate ya’ know.
BJ: Aunt Beula git me some uh them pork brains in milk gravy, huh?
AB: Ok, Bubba Jr. just hold yer horses. Ya’ll know where Linda Lou is?
BJ: Alls I know is when I axed her she said she’s a goin’ to smoke behind the Liberry with Elly May irregardless of what her momma’ said.
AB: I could care less ‘bout Elly May, but I know my baby girl, Linda Lou, don’t smoke. If’n ya’ tell me she did I ain’t even gonna’ believe it. It’s a mute point.

Inertia’s entire philosophy in two words - Be nice.

I have a friend who could not grasp the proper use of “seen” and “saw” no matter how I tried to explain it to her. Finally, in exhasperation, I said, "Ok, just think about the songs ‘I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus’ and ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic’ that goes, “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.”

She has to sing those song lines in her head every time, but at least she always gets it right now :wink:

And if y’alls are interested, “all the sudden” drives me over the edge. I hear newscasters, and people who should just plain know better, use it all the time. Thems peoples I’d really like to axe!

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