Alright, I'm shutting the StraightDope down!

I have got to do some work. I have gotten nothing done today. I’m gonna get in trouble people… and the only way for me to do any work is to exit out of the SDMBs. Besides, i’m getting paranoid and keep making sure the bossman isnt watching me do nothing. Have a good day.

I’m going.


OK so I had to make one last post. Now Im gone.

I need to get a special screen saver hooked up to a motion detector on the door, so when anyone walks in, the SD vanishes. This is getting really bad… :wink:

Well I HAD to make sure at least ONE person posted to my thread before I could go!!!

Thanks Demo!

Hey Democritus when you find one send it to me please.
It gets to be a hassle to minimize the window every time someone walks by. You would think they knew I was busy working and not to interrupt me…Sheesh! :smiley:

Wow! there are actually others like me out there. I always wondered where do you all get the time to post so much here.

And it turns out you’re all, or at least some of you, are just like me, i.e. behind the bosses back at work.

And to think that I… ::yelling over the cubicle wall:: “What’s that sir? Yes I’ll get right on it.”

gotta go

Talk about lack of privacy!!! Today I got roped into substituting for our receptionist/phone back up person. Not only am I bored, because everyone has voice mail so there are NO phone calls, but there’s so much traffic I have to keep minimizing the screen all the time. Give me those safe, strong cubicle walls.

I also spend a lot of my down-time at work reading this board.

For those of you who may not know this, have another program running in Windows while you’re surfing. When you need to, hit alt-tab to toggle to the other window.

I see a doctoral study here – finding a dollar amount for the lost productivity in North America and Europe caused by SDMB addiction.

If it weren’t for us slowing the economy down, Greenspan would have raised the interest rate another full point. Good work, compatriots!

Heck I’m the fastest alt-tabber this side of the Mississippi.

(BTW, that’s the east side. I’m in NY)

moe, i challenge you to an alt+tab duel.

I can’t even hide behind a wall or anything. The bosses office is way in the back and I have no idea when he is coming until he is right behind me. Alt-tab is no help… I’ve always known that he can see my screen as soon as he walks out of the office. Everybody’s in fact. I think he planned it that way. Besides, if he gave me a hard time I would just show him the Not for Amy thread and he would be entranced for hours. He might even give me a raise. In fact… :smiley:
Gotta go!

shit. my boss asked me to check out the SD. when he comes in he’s on it all the time too. unless were playing Unreal or Starcraft against each other :smiley:

Where I work, the supervisors can pull the screens of everybody’s computers up on their terminals and watch exactly what they’re doing… You can even see the little cursor arrow as it moves across the screen! I get to read all the posts I want, but post one from work myself? OH, the HORROR!

I actually first started using the SDMB at work to wake myself up mentally. Being cerebrally sluggish isn’t a good thing in this line of work so I’d clear the schedule and jump on for half an hour and return invigorated.

But it’s addictive talons are starting to dig deeper.

You’re on.

I have turned my boss on to SD. Now he’s a big fan of Wally. At least once every couple of days he asks “So what has Wally done now?”

I love my job.