Unusual feature idea for SDMB - voluntary view/post block (not a req or suggestion)

While browsing the forums It occured to me that if there was a feature to force myself out for a set period (one hour say) so that I couldn’t even view the boards let alone post to them, I would use it.

Cold turkey kind of thing. I am weak and feeble and always come back here to see if there is anything new. Because I am weak I need ‘someone else’ to stop me coming back. That ‘someone else’ would be the above described feature.

Would you use such a feature?

Lobsang, seriously and with no disrespect meant, but … have you considered just doing something else? Like reading a book, rather than surf the SDMB all the time if it is a problem?

I have tried other things. It’s not a problem most of the time, just sometimes when nothing is happening it’s a bit of a habit to keep browsing.

It’s probably something about the nature of the job I have. One colleague has the same ‘problem’ with ebay. Another often turns round to me and says he has nothing to look at on the internet. We all get bored. I’ve never managed to find anything else useful to do.

I would not use such a feature because I have self-control and can stay away from here if I so choose. It’s not anyone’s problem but your own if you have no willpower.

I’d be a little disgusted by a BB (or anything else) that babied its users to that degree.

I’d imagine in a work setting there’s always something that has to be done or needs attention. Have you asked your supervisors directly if there’s anything else you can do? Because I’d be a little concerned about job security if I worked in an office where so many people had so little to do.

If such a feature existed, it would have to be optional. Those who don’t have a problem would get annoyed if suddenly the system locked them out too (over and above the board’s standard shutdowns).

Should you use the feature – an hour away from the SDMB, looking for something else to do would pretty well drive you up the wall.

As AudreyK said – you really do need to find something else. I’ve been in one boring, nothing-happening job. It sucks, I can understand.

I would not be a board babying thing because it would be the user’s choice to block themselves.

My job involves looking after a computer system. There are periods of semi-intense work - preparing the system for the next day. There are periods of slight work - running the occasional command. There are periods of no work, when the system is just running by itself. During these periods we really have nothing to do. If we looked for something we’d be doing work for the sake of work. as everything is well kept on top of.
Since the board upgrade there’s a lot less activity here so I guess I just have to get used to it (Browse one or two times and then sit quietly for an hour) I have made myself seem like a weak-willed person with a habit problem. I probably am, but it’s also a case of having an unlucky job for things to do.

*Ice Wolf the lockout wouldn’t lock everyone out. That would be ridiculous. I mean something where a poster can only lock themselves out (not someone else) and only by choice.

BTW it’s just an idea. I am not desperate! Perhaps I should have put this in IMHO or MSPIMS.

Sorry if I came across as critical at all, Lobsang. Didn’t mean it that way.

I do have another suggestion – if your computer has a pop-up killer, you could temporarily add the SDMB to the list of sites to eliminate for the time when you’d prefer to go cold turkey.

How about you just go outside for a walk, or hop over to the coffee shop, or something else where there’s no computer?

… I mean, c’mon, with all the things that need to be done, setting up a self-imposed restriction just aint gonna make high priority.

How about a low-tech solution? Like, oh, I don’t know… maybe read a book? You could always hide it inside a technical journal if that’s frowned upon.

I don’t really see doing work for doing work’s sake as a bad thing. At best you’ll get ahead in your work or save someone else the time, and at worst, you’ll make your bosses think there’s too many employees for the amount of work there is. But it can only reflect well on you to show initiative, right?

But if that’s still not gonna happen, I think starting next Monday or so you should bring in a book of some kind– maybe short stories, maybe something tech-related– and when you hit a lull in the workflow, you should read instead of surfing the board. Disconnect your keyboard and mouse when the temptation hits. Take control of the addiction, y’know?

Are you crazy? So many coffee shops have Net access now. You watch. He’ll stroll in, looking for a nice cafe au lait, and WHAM! there’ll be a vacant computer right there. And he’ll just have to amble over and take it out for a spin, and next thing you know… WHAM! He’s back on here. Do you really want that?

Using a feature to lock myself out just so I’d do something else seems a little over the top. No, I wouldn’t use such a feature.

In my opinion, surfing the SDMB is reading … and very worthy reading at that. And you know the saying “mischief makes work for idle hands”? I think we’d better keep Lobsang here where we can keep an eye on him. :smiley:

Yes! The last thing we need is him out on the streets! I can see it now - he’ll walk up to people and start

ing them…

I know just what you mean. My job involves running lots of SQL queries, usually while one is running I will waste my time on the SDMB. If I were timed out I would do something different. Weak and feeble - there is a picture of me in the dictionary.

When I read the OP I knew what response you would get. Someone recently posted about a book improving husband/wife communication. Most of the responses were along the lines of “well why did anyone have to say that…me and my partner already do that”. I thought about posting that no instructional book was worth writing because someone already knows all the answers.

But to join in - you don’t have to stay logged on, why don’t you do something else, you could be writing that novel/screenplay/porn treatment that you’ve had in mind, if you run 150 km a week you may beat Haile Gebrselassie…

I meant to add that gambling venues in Australia have that facility. Someone with insufficient self control can have themselves banned from clubs, pubs and casinos if they wish.

What does God need with a space ship?

If and when I get into situations where I’m gonna be idle for a fairly long stretch of time (whether it be 20 mins or 3 hrs), I do crosswords. Not only is it recreation, it stimulates the mind.

Or, I play Tetris.

You didn’t come across as critical. No need to apologize.

It was an error of judgement of mine to imply that I have a problem or addiction to this place. I do, but not a serious one. Just a mild adiction like not wanting to miss your fave TV show or starting up your fave computer game. This is a brilliant place, and deserving of a few hours of browsing, it’s just in quiet periods when the habit of browsing (a product of the quality of the boards at good times) goes unnoticed during dull times. I thought of the often suggested idea of asking for oneself to be banned and then thought of the idea in the OP. Just a trivial idea, a “would it be interesting” idea.

Then, I can assume that he has been here? :smiley: