Alright, so who's got a crush on me?

I got an email today from (or something like that) that says that someone has a secret crush on me. All I have to do is sign up, and if my crush choices include the person listing me, it tells me who sent it.

I gotta know, is it someone on the board, or in RL? Please check in here and say if you have a crush on me. You don’t even have to be the person who sent it. :wink:



It wasn’t me, but I’ll go on record as saying I think you’re a cutie and damn funny, and pecularly so when inebraited :slight_smile:

Wasn’t me…I am only starting to brew up a minor crush here…

/flees blushing like a fool/

it’s really spelled this way: inebriated. that’s college education for ya.

Sorry, hon, wasn’t me. That would be kinda redundant, wouldn’t it? You already KNOW I have a crush on you :wink:

Well, I gotta come out with the truth sooner or later…

Wasn’t me.



My girl like crush on a college aged, young stud like person is reserved for SPOOFE, sorry Homer it aint me. I know you pine for me, you wish it were me but it’s not me.

< giggle >

:::::running away::::::

I had a friend who recently encountered the evil crush board. In the interest of saving you from going insane let me summerize how that thing really works.

Someone starts the ball rolling by sending out an email anonymously from the board to someone they have a crush on. That person gets on and tries to guess who it might be. Every single person who’s name is entered a s a guess gets an email that someone has a crush on them. The snowball effect is quite fascinating.

So someone might have just guessed that you have a crush on them which then entangled you in the evil web of the crush site.

Yes, I smell a rat also. I got one the other day, and it wasn’t from my girlfriend. I didn’t know where to start guessing after that. It reeks of scam-age.

I think it sounds like it could be a fun chain reaction.

After all, there’s nothing that says you’ve got to do anything about it if someone tracks you down after you’ve tried to guess that they have a crush on you.

I’d just have a difficult time coming up with the e-mail addresses of those I have crushes on (except of course for those on this board who’ve posted or placed their e-mail address in their profile.


Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we crush to deceive.

I already figured the gameplan, BlackClaw, but I figured I’d give this way a shot first. Who knows, I might go along with it…

Of course, then the girls on the board that I have the hots for would know and I’d be so embarrassed. :o


Okay, I do, but it ain’t a secret! :wink:

That link didn’t work. I was going to see if Bono or Sting have a crush on me! :wink:

Hey!! Spill it!! We want names!

Have you figured out who it is Homer? I have a guess who it might be…

And no, I didn’t do it though you are awfully cute. :wink:

I didnt do it, but you know I am nuts about you homer!

<cynic mode>
Probably just harvesting email addresses…
and I never close THAT tag…