I wish I knew who

A little over a week ago, I got email from a crush matching website saying someone had put me on their list of crushes. Of course, I wanted to know who, so I went to the site and found out that for them to reveal who it was that put me on their list, I’d have to make a list of my own. If my list included the person that had me on theirs, it’d tell me, if not, all those on my list would get a similar message to the one I got. So, I figured that what must have happened is that someone thought I’d already put them on my list, and guessed that, sending the message on like a virus.

Anyway, rather than spread the false hope, I tried to find out myself, by asking directly. Of the 4 girls I asked, 3 of them have told me that it wasn’t them. The other hasn’t responded at all, but that’s a different thread.

I just wish I knew. I’d LOVE to have a date about now, since I’ve been feeling quite lonely lately. I wonder if there really is someone out there attracted to me and too shy to actually tell me, or whether (more likely) it’s someone who was just trying to figure out who had a crush on her. Or maybe it’s just my mom trying to be cutesy again. I hate getting my hopes up, just to have them dashed.

So 'fess up. Which of you lovely SDMB ladies has the hots for me?

Well, my dear friend, I’d love to say it was me, after all, you already know I think you’re a major hunk. drool
But, I can’t admit that on here. I can’t even say whether or not I have a crush on anyone. So, I won’t.
I’m sorry that I’m not more help, dear. I hope that lucky lady comes forward and tells you.


I hope its not your mom, that would be wierd

I got the same crush thing in my mail, the it sent similar messages to people i put on my list thinking they sent it to me. Then if you still cant guess it gives you a hint only after you sign up for cybergold.

So it sent it to this one “crush”, who then in turn put my name as a thoughtful, then it sent me saying that I had a link with this person and we need a date.

So then I told him that I thought it was him, how cute. But he wasnt the one who originally sent it to me, he just guessed right, I still have no clue, and that website is absolute nonsense.

I got so desperate, I joined cybergold, then it told me the hint. … . my crush had 4 letters in his name. woohoo, what am I suppossed to get out of that?

::Still pissed at that site::

I got the same email. I entered in the names of everyone I knew and got nothing. Of course I could have a hint if I signed up for a myriad of online offers. I just chalked it up to a clever online scam. :rolleyes: