You have a secret crush!

Great, more junk e-mail. Just give us 5 e-mail addresses and we’ll give you another vague clue that could apply to anyone. Meanwhile, we’ve just quintupled our spam receiver database!

My friend is convinced it’s real; that someone out there likes her but doesn’t have the balls to tell her. I’m trying to convince her it’s nothing but a scam for some marketing company. And all I’ve found out is that my “secret crush” is 20-24, has black hair and likes concerts and walking in parks.

Has anyone else gotten these e-mails? Ever finally found out who your match was?

I’ve gotten them but never responded. It’s just a marketing device used to extract e-mail addresses for spamming purposes.

My stupid bloody wife gave them my email address year before last in an attempt to be romantic. I am still getting spam from them. We are married woman, your crush ain’t that secret!!

Goddammit :frowning:

Yeah I get them, but again haven’t responded. Would like to know where they got my address from though because that is about the only junk mail I ever get.

I’ve gotten lots of those you-have-a-secret-admirer spams, (a couple of them on an e-mail account of mine that no one else knew existed that I used strictly for getting online without other people knowing I was on), and in an excess of 50 Insta-Kiss things. Never found out who any of them were from. They’re spam in the lowest and most simplistic of forms.

The ones from are not really typical spam so much as spam people sign you up for. I’ve been able to trace back the ones I’ve gotten to actual people who eventually admitted to having the fool things sent to me. Other sites might be different, who knows?

I too get these day after day. Finally had to block the address.

yep i get them. I forget who sends them though. i think