What is this "Send A Crush" bullshit?

I just got an email at my work email address telling me that someone has a crush on me.

So I click on the link, go to the site, and register, and then I’m told that I can’t find out who it is unless I correctly guess his/her email address? Jeez, I’ve got 4 email addresses my damn self, and know quite a few people–how in THEEEE HELL am I supposed to guess?

I tried three times, and then gave up.

It was all a cheap and jacked-up ploy to get my information for SPAM, wasn’t it???

Nobody really has a crush on me at all, do they? :frowning:

Fuck-O-Rama, dude. That pisses me off. Toying with my fragile little heart… :wink:

If it helps any, I can be your unrequited love puppet, pining away for my noble lady from afar.

Gobear, that could work out. Are you a hand puppet or a marionette?

It’s a great scam, isn’t it?

Someone you know put your name in and now they make you guess by putting all your friends’ e-mail addresses into a database, which they then sell.

I wish I had come up with that.

But anyhow, yes, someone has a crush on you. It’s likely, however, that they’re just playing with you. But now your friends are gonna hate you when they start getting crazy amounts of porn spam.

Now you know. Delete that stuff from your mailbox no matter what.

Just heartless. Spam loves you. You’re spam’s one and only. The other names on the bulk list mean nothing, nothing compared to you.

And you react like this. I hope you’re happy for breaking spam’s heart.

(People actually register with real informaton on sites they don’t know and relatively trust? Good lord.)

Yep. The rat bastards.

By the time I had gotten one of those things there had been several recent threads on the board about them so I knew to just hit Delete.

Well, I did figure that someone was “just playing”–I’d never go out with someone who’d make me play little guessing games (which could easily escalate to "Guess What’s In My Pocket before the 3rd date ;)), so if it were a real crush, the poor sap would be SOL, having pissed me off like that (even if it were NOT all a giant spam-scheme).

I’ve already deleted it… but not before taking my name off the Crush Email List.

grumble grumble… spam ME, motherfucker… grumble…

snif Hmmm, I’ve never gotten one…snif

Anyhoo, thanks for the heads up.

Honey, Spam ain’t MY Daddy… I heard Spam had erectile dysfunction, anyway. :eek:

And if I recall correctly, all the names you put in to guess then get an email from the site saying “Guess who has a crush on yoooo-oooooou!”

Bah. I prefer the traditional methods – lookups at the Department of Motor Vehicles and high-powered telescopes.

Vicious. Fucking vicious. Whatever happened to the good old days…? Lovenotes… flowers… promise rings… masturbating in the bushes outside That Special Someone’s bedroom window… :stuck_out_tongue:

I got one by mine was different. It guided you towards a site where you answered question like:

Are you single?

What feature do you find attractive in the opposite sex?

Pretty sure that it’s less than a dozen questions in all, but here’s the kicker. After you hit submit, it says “Fooled you! We’ve sent all the information you provided to the person who sent you the e-mail”. It then encourages you do to it to someone else. I’m planning to smack the person who sent me that one when I see her.

Well I heart you auntie em :wink: , but seeing as I am married I will not be able to ask you "how you doin’ ".

Sounds like you got spammed. At least this was somewhat clever- some of the spam emails are rather pathetic at best.

auntie em that is just wrong! I mean if you knew I was in the bushes, you should have just said something. I mean, those thorns really hurt! :eek:

You perv, I bet you watched and everything…grumble grumble…

I quite enjoy being a finger puppet, but a hand puppet is way outside my field of experience (and requires a helluva lotta lube, to boot–I can just see Pinocchio with a red hanky)

I’d better be a marionette. I’m easy to manipulate–just ask any of my exes.

Golly, gee-whiz, I know that *gobear has already offered, but I’m willing to clamor for your affections, too. I wanna be your Phanfasm of passion, your Yookoohoo of yearning, your Tottenhot of tenderness, your Argonaut of affection and, most of all, your Winsome Waggish Warbler of wuv!

And if that doesn’t work, think I could bribe you with some silver shoes or a magic belt from an ex-Gnome king? :slight_smile:

Well auntie em, if it makes you feel better it looks as though you have quite a few Dopers crushing on you! Take a look at Max Carnage’s Unofficial Picture Pages thread.

Just set up your Outlook filters to send all that nasty Spam directly to your Deleted Items folder.

Back off, gobear and Skippy! I’ve expressed my love for auntie em long before you interlopers. She’s mine. (Why is she so attractive to gay men?) :slight_smile:

Wait a minute …

You … me … auntie em… finger puppets. This has potential.

Wow! That’s lovely! But I’m afraid my heart (along with my, er… finger?) now belongs to gobear:smiley:

Story of my goddamn life. :rolleyes: :smiley:

OTOH, I tend to trust the opinions (and compliments) of women and gay men more than I do the ones that come from straight men.

Gay men I trust because I know they’re not just saying nice things to get into my pants, and women (gay or straight) I trust because they tend to have much better taste than men. :stuck_out_tongue:

So heap it on, Honey… I’m going for that Catholic Boys’ School job interview on Thursday, and a big head wouldn’t hurt, I don’t think… :smiley: