AM drive talk Radio: "Al Qaeda is over-running Iraq - Bill Kristol blames Obama.

Al Qaeda tore down the Iraqi flag and raised theirs in Fallujah this past weekend after a three day three way battle. The radio host of course exaggerated that flag raising in a major city to AL Qaeda over-running Iraq. Bill Kristol of course blames the Obama Administration with his own personal cliche that he is ‘leading from behind’ . Obama was criticized for not keeping troops in Iraq.

If al Qaeda holds on or gains more territory will the political right gain traction for political srength on foreign affairs and national security after the debacle of Iraq put somewhat of a damper on national securuty credibility for Republicans?

All current volatile situations in the Islamic parts of the world and the war on terror are somewhat related to the events in Anbar Province Iraq. What will it all mean?

Obama is not going to get any backlash for doing something the grand majority of people were in favor of. Frankly most americans don’t really care what is going on in Iraq, they are just happy we are not there.

Two hours in - Still talking about Obama’s failure on Iraq - these conservative radio hosts are ginned up as if this is a new Benghazi.

Although conservative talk radio hosts and guests like Bill Kristol are bring assinine in this PR campaign what can be done to push back on it with the truth and facts? Are we doomed to allow conservatives to set the narrative on this unfolding event or will their antics fail on their own because enough people are wise to their bs?

He’s just preaching to the choir. Anybody that knows it’s bs still knows it’s bs. He’s not going to convince or sway anybody that already doesn’t blame Obama for everything. They just like to hear eachother yammer and daydream that they’re gaining followers every day. Dream on.

Al Qaeda has a flag? Do they all use it or is just the Al Qaeda in Iraq flag?

There won’t be enough support in Congress or the country for sending troops back into Iraq, but this will be a good test of the Iraqis ability to handle things on their own. From what I’ve heard, the local Sunnis in Andbar are generally not friends of al Qaeda-- too many of the sheiks were killed by them during the war.

Krystol is floating the nonsense that Obama pulled all the troops out without leaving any residual force behind, but the fact is the Iraqis refused to allow it. We don’t get tell sovereign nations how many troops we can station in their countries.

There will be zero political backlash for Obama on this. The only people who are going to care are people who oppose him anyway. However, if something like this happens in Afghanistan, that will be a different story. Most people see Iraq as Bush’s war, but Afghanistan has become Obama’s baby.

I listened to a similar report this morning that spoke of a backlash from the moderate Sunnis against the oppressive al Queda elements. Al Queda has been extorting money from the general Sunni population in Iraq to fund the fighting in Syria and that has caused a problem for them among their own populace.

I don’t think the active resistance from the moderate Sunnis is a game changer at this point. But it is a positive sign.

As for Krystol - He’s a putz.

Well, color me surprised…a right wing radio talk show host blames Obama for <insert anything>. :eek: Who’d have thunk it?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a chance. The vast majority of Americans don’t care about Iraq and are happy we are out of there. The only thing that would make Americans more happy is if we were out of Afghanistan as well. The Iraqis requested that we leave and on the terms of our departure, and the security of THEIR nation was turned over to them. It’s their fight now. We trained them as well as we could, we left then with good weapons, and I believe we still have some advisers over there to help them train. It’s on them now to (as Yoda would put it) do…or do not. There is no try.

If AQ actually does manage to take parts of Iraq then it will mean they will have a base to begin really consolidating their power. I seriously doubt they will defeat all of Iraq, though more likely what would happen is the country disintegrates into multiple factions fighting over the pieces and who are able to consolidate their hold on small parts of it. That would certainly be a bad thing and would hurt trade and regional stability. I don’t see this as a spring board for the US to get involved in Iraq again, nor do I see the Republicans being able to use this to white wash their part in getting us involved in Iraq in the first place.

I don’t think I’d be surprised if one of their number called him a baby-eating lizard-person. Talk radio is completely fucking insane these days.

That would be Bill “Always Wrong About Everything” Kristol?

Bill should ask how many Americans want their sons and daughters and sisters and brothers to go back there.

When he gets the answer to that, he and his right wing buddies should form a dirty dozen commando unit and go into Iraq to get rid of the bad guys.

I seriously doubt that AlQ has any real chance of “overrunning” Iraq. AlQ has a longstanding reputation for being virulently opposed to Shia Islam, and the population is roughly two to one Shia compared to Sunni. And they don’t even have total support amongst the Sunni, many prominent clerics in Anwar Province loathe and despise them.

What I will look for next is the direct and irrefutable connection to Benghazi.

Of course, a transcript or at least some actual quotes would help. I mean, none of us wants more troops back in Iraq, and I doubt any of us agrees with Krystol on this subject. But pardon me if I would rather not take the OP’s word as to what exactly Krystol is saying. Not much of a debate when we don’t even know what we’re debating against.

I saw BK on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday. Can’t link to a transcript, and I don’t remember exactly what he was saying, but all I remember was something about “lack of leadership”. Not sure if he was actually calling for troops to be sent.

I doubt it, Americans simply do not care what happens on any of those countries they just want us to get the hell out. The only backlash Obama could receive would be if he tries to send troops to Iraq or keep them in Afghanistan.

But Obama IS trying to keep troops in Afghanistan beyond the so-called exit date this year. Something like 10,000.

Simple: The place is broken. Dubya broke it. End of argument.

Exactly. Obama opponents are still Obama opponents and Obama supporters are still Obama supporters. The only question is whether this issue changed anyone’s mind and I doubt it.

Crap, if they do, that means they get to colonize other countries !

And the moon!

What’s even cooler than the flag are the car decals with “aQ” in a circle for your rear window.