Am I a confederate apologist?

Because I wish to remember my heritage? Are Germans nazi apologists because they remember theirs? Are blacks slavery apologists when they remember theirs? Y’all do realize blacks were sold by blacks into slavery. My point is…You can celebrate your heritage with recalling the bad things that went with it. Lets not even get into the bad things whites have done.

Wounded Knee…

Columbia SC…1968

Kent State

The trickle down theory…

1.7 billion dollar tax cut…hey! It’s good for everybody!

I dunno. Are you? Which heritage are you talking about, how would you characterize that heritage, and how do you choose to remember it?

Yes, you’re an apologist. Now go get a vasectomy before your descendents ruin my beautiful South with romanticized bullshit for yet another generation.

My forefathers chose to do what the founding fathers did. If you don’t like what the government is doing, start your own. Do I fly the St Andrews cross? No. But I would not deny anyones right to fly it. Do you really believe that when a Son of a Southern Veteran flies the battle flag they are remembering slavery? When you fly the American flag are you remermbering the slavery our founding fathers supported?

Minty green…

So you are ashamed of your heritage? No, you are a carpetbagger aren’t you?

  1. Dude, if you use “St. Andrew’s Cross” in a serious sentence, you are an apologist.

  2. Yes.

  3. No.

Now hie thee to Rhodesia or wherever it is that you apologists go to burn crosses these days. And take all your dumbass, peckerwood, reenactor buddies with you.

Half my heritage justifiably kicked the ass of the other half of my heritage. Fortunately, the stupid half of my heritage was slapped back into sensibility. Yours, apparently, was left in the nineteenth century.

Minty Green…

I do not burn crosses. I am not a racist. I am just a man who is proud of the stand his forefathers took. You do understand racism burned brightly in the north don’t you? Even Lincoln did not believe Blacks were equal. Growing up in the south I lived with people of all colors. It’s not what’s outside. It’s what’s inside. Your shame belittles you.

Friend…I have just one quote for for you,

Those that forget the past, repeat it.

Your forefathers–and mine, I suppose–chose to found a new nation conceived in slavery and dedicated to the proposition that all white men are created equal and all black men are created inferior. The founding fathers of the United States chose to create a new nation which regrettably did not abolish all the existing evils of colonial society; this country paid a horrible price for their failure to confront the evil of slavery (and of course generations of our fellow Americans paid the price of being kept in bondage). But for the United States slavery is only part of the balance sheet, along with genocide and stealing half of Mexico, but also with fighting Nazism and Communism and slowly and painfully becoming a decent nation where everyone’s rights are respected. For the Confederate States, slavery was the beginning and the end. The C.S.A. lived by slavery and it died by slavery.

Now, if you want to remember the bravery of some ancestors of yours who fought and died for that misguided cause–especially if they were ordinary foot soldiers–that’s one thing. Since the dreaded N-word has already been brought up, I’ll point out that Germans are able to remember and memorialize the poor bastards who went out and died in the U-boats for Hitler without glorifying the Third Reich, or pretending that the German war dead weren’t ultimately fighting for a bad cause.

The difference is that the Germans don’t CELEBRATE their Nazi past. They don’t wrap themselves in the Nazi flag as a symbol of their beloved past. Blacks don’t revel in the glory that was slavery. Most Whites don’t cherish the memory of their ancestors crushing the skulls of Indian children. I doubt if the Ohio National Guard has a statue to the memory of those brave boys in green shooting unarmed students.

Those that worship their dumbass ancestors are doomed to be willfully ignorant.

“Goddamn yankees think their gonna take away my negroes? Over my dead body! I think we need tah take a STAND!”

I’m going to shut up now before a mod drops by to tell me to take it to the Pit. If anyone else wishes to feed the supernatural apologist of Scandanavian folklore, be my guest.

Minty Green…you need to read up on the civil war…
Drop zone…Brave boys in green shooting unarmed students??? How brave were they?

Well, this link explains a bit more about the bravery of the Ohio National Guard at Kent State.

I was being sarcastic. DUH.

Minty Green…

So we confederate “apologists” have another flag to wrap ourselves in? I prefer the Stars and Bars myself. are you familiar with it?

Night all.

Hmmmm. People like Reeder can certainly be annoying, but folks like minty green are just as obnoxious.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to remember your heritage, Reeder, but there’s a difference between remembering and glorifying.

I’ve met a few folks who think “remembering” their heritage constitutes rewriting history and conveniently forgetting about the ugly bits, but I’ve also met several who are genuinely interested in preserving and teaching about what happened, and I think the latter type are pretty cool folks.

Slavery was certainly not the only issue for which the CSA faught, in fact, it probably wasn’t even an important issue in the beginning of the war, but it was an issue nonetheless. Because people fought for that issue, does it make it wrong to want to remember them and honor their bravery? I don’t think so. Is it wrong to glorify and lie about their cause? Probably.

Um, yes you do. You know, the flag of your country? You may have heard of it. . .

Regarding “St. Andrews Cross” :rolleyes:, it carries the same sort of negative connotations as the Nazi flag to a majority of the people here in the U.S.A…

If you stick your fingers in your ears and claim that it doesn’t matter what they think of it and all that matters are your opinions, then yes, you sir, are an apologist. Right up there with the Holocaust deniers.

I thought that a Saint Andrew’s Cross was Scottish? It’s a religious symbol, isn’t it? After all, it is also used in Russia, for the Order of Saint Andrew-Saint Andrew is the patron of Russia and Scotland, I believe…
So how is a religious symbol bad?

I think it depends upon the context. There’s a Hindu temple in Pittsburgh which has a swastika on top of it. The Empress of Russia had a collection of swastikas-this was before it was perverted by Hitler, when it stood for eternity and faith.

Let us not forget this lovely exchange of views on the same subject.

"When Johnny comes marching home again, Hurrah, hurrah,
We’ll endlessly debate his role, Hurrah, hurrah…

minty green, mind if I stand with you? I’m a former “carpetbagger” who was moved to Virginia as a lad, just in time for the Centennial. The continued glorification of the Confederacy, and denial of its goals, still sickens me.