Am I a Sex Pervert?

My doctor is an attractive woman. When I get a physical from her, I have to admit I enjoy getting naked with her. It doesn’t bother me a bit that I’m naked with a woman who is inspecting my private things. I like it when she looks at and touches my body. She’s very gentle and caring, and it feels good.

I know this is not supposed to be an erotic situation, but hey here I am nude with a woman, and it’s a turn on? Do I just have a dirty mind? Or is it natural to have this reaction?

When she tells me to bend over and she sticks her fingers up my rectum and palpates my prostate, it always gives me an instant hard-on. She is very quick, efficient, businesslike. Of course, I wouldn’t expect her to be any different. But how can I deny the sexual excitement my body feels? It’s simply a fact of the male anatomy that touching the prostate makes you horny, and she must be aware of that, so she doesn’t get offended that I get erections from her touch. We’ve never talked about it, though.

I know this must seem pathetic, getting jollies this way only for two or three seconds once a year. I do have a normal healthy sexually active life apart from visits to the doctor! But I’ve come to feel a strong affection for her and to look forward to my annual physicals very fondly.

I seem to remember Steven Wright had a similar affection for his dental hygenist. He thought she was very pretty so 1 hour before his appointment he ate an entire box of Oreo cookies. They had to cancell all the rest of the day’s appointments.

Seriously, if you have a problem with this, ask her if these physiological reactions are normal during her examination. If you think it’s too much to take during an examination, then you may want to get a different doctor to do your physicals… and then ask this woman out.

Dragwyr- Look at the postcount and then the name.

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You got your serlin in my concrete!

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I must’ve seen a hundred “letters to Penthouse” that read exactly like the OP.

"Dear Penthouse: I am a student at a small Midwestern college, and I never thought this would happen to me, but one day … "

You guys are just jealous.

HAHAHAHAHA funniest thing ever!

Re the op, just get your gf to stick her hand up yer bum, we all saw that movie…road trip was it?

You enjoy getting nekkid WITH her? As in SHE gets nekkid as well?? Maybe she’s the sexual perv…

What other kind of pervert is there?

A financial pervert? A botany pervert? What?

Is this doctor brought into your work by your company for lunchtime “check up’s”? If so, search for a poster by the name of Bronzelion and he will tell you all about the dangers of these doctors!

Look at her business card. If her phone number is 1-800-DOCTORB (the B is for Bwa-ha-ha), run away quickly.

Just as long as her hair is all poofed up nice.

Dragwyr, I am not a sock puppet for anyone else. If I have a low post count, it’s because I first registered in January 2002 and when the posts from that time were lost, I had to start all over from zero. I don’t get online very often so don’t blame me for a low post count! Is Serlin a Doper who you are referring to? I don’t know who that is and I am no one but myself, thank you.

kabbes, hair poofed up nice? Sorry, that went WHOOSH over my head?

Guys, we’re not supposed to voice our suspicions on the board-if you think it’s Serlin or concrete-hello, e-mail!

Anyhoo, it’s a totally natural reaction! They even featured it on ER, where one of the doctors was examining a guy for testicular cancer, and he got an erection.

Just for the record I have had the unfortunate reaction of a male getting a hard on when attempting to insert a catheter and for the love of god will you guys knock it off? Please! Picture Marge Schott naked or something but don’t make a routine medical procedure a pseudo-erotic event.

I’m just doing my job. I don’t want to deal with that. I don’t care how many movies you have seen or books you have read where the nurses act like skanky hookers but I can assure you that is not real life.

BTW when a patient I am taking care of “accidently” gets erect, I accidently drop an ice cold wet washcloth on the area. Problem solved. I know sometimes it is an involuntary reaction and when that is the case I just finish what needs to be done in my most professional manner and completely ignore the response. But if the guy tries to catch my eye or winks or makes a lewd comment then he is going to have ice cold wet balls and the next time he will be attended to by one our big burly male patient care techs. Lest you gay guys get any ideas, we can round up a shriveled up old drill-sargent-older-than-your-grandmother type to take care of you.

I’m not saying mr bad boy is a troll but buddy can you take it down a notch on the Crotch Obcession Meter? Thank you. We here at the Straight Dope Message Board are capable of discussing other topics of conversation. Try to get your head out of your crotch and join us.

I went to a female Dr once. Boy was she a cutie too. Though I didn’t get “lucky” enough to get naked with her. Oh well, she’s gone now. :frowning:

She wasn’t my normal Dr, just one I had to goto at work so I could have asked her out.

Sure, you guys get the prostate exam from the hottie.

My first prostate exam was with a female doctor too - who was

a) apparently about sixteen years old, and
b) approximately eleven months pregnant at the time.
No, I managed to avoid wood. Nice lady and all, but one of the least sexual situations imaginable.


A Japanese Steakhouse pervert.

Yummy yummy.

Yo, Mermaid, in case you haven’t noticed, MPSIMS always has raunchy sex threads with people shamelessly divulging their most intimate details. It’s fun. If you don’t want to read, nobody exactly has a gun at your head making you open up the thread, know what I mean? I labeled the thread title clearly enough to warn you it would be X-rated. If you took a look inside, obviously YOU have some need to check out cybercrotches. LOL

kellibelli, my woman gives me wonderful, hot, sexy normal sexual intercourse. But she wouldn’t go for anally inserting anything. And you know what, I never would have even thought about it if it hadn’t been for my doctor giving me surprise wood. Anyway, I guess my question’s been answered. I’m not the only one with iatrogenic* wood!

*iatrogenic: means it was caused by the doctor.

Well, you’ve obviously done your research.

Back when I worked at a counselling hotline, there was this dude who would constantly call up and tell the most fantastic, elaborate sexual fantasies trying to pass them off as serious personal problems he was having: “Oh, my landlady, who I’ve been sleeping with, wants her neighbor’s husband to join us! I’m so confused, what should I do?” and “You’ve gotta help me! I’m being forced to be part of this sorority initiation ritual where the new pledges tie me up and do things to me! I’m so scared!” We eventually started hanging up on his slimy ass.

This whole thing just reminded me of that. ivebeenanbadboy, if you’re making this up to get your jollies by posting your favorite jerkoff fantasy to a public message board, then yes, I believe that qualifies you as a “sex pervert”. If you’re telling the truth, then you’re just lucky, I guess.