Am I having an affair?

Ah, yes, yet another thread whose title made me say, “If you’re asking, the answer is yes.” Upon reading, suspicion confirmed. Yes.

You say this as if it matters.

She prefers Direct Deposit.

Could mom be contractually bound not to disclose the father as long as she was not asking for government assistance?

Produce copy of contract with dads name removed/redacted?

Granted, in the grand scheme of things…sounds like a big whopping scam for child support.

Yes you are having an affair unless perhaps you run a buisiness called “Prodaddy Impregnation Services”

If you do, are you hiring?

General Principle–If you have to ask this question, the answer is YES!

Or even better…married men will be more easy to blackmail for minimal support later. Especially since she is probably working on 4-5 guys at a time.

Sue bio dad for support, then hit up the other 3-4 other guys for an extra couple hundred a month or so to “not have to go file for support and destroy your marriage.”

Lather rinse, repeat with next child.

I always assume SDMB theoretical situations are based on either a novel someone’s writing or an old Ann Landers column someone remembered.

This guy MUST be pretty special, after all he was chosen from a pool of over 200!!! men.
Seriously, I should have just stayed out of this, because ALL someone like this wants is controversy; either validation or condemnation is fine, as along as it’s is some kind of attention, then their goal has been met.

By me posting anything, (even to point out that all of this is certainly below a seventh-grade level fiction) essentially rewards the OP, and has me playing right into its hands.

Others may enjoy this kind of game, but I have already given this thinly-veiled musterbation opera too much time already, which I should know better than…

Oh yeah well out of the millions of people in this country, Dr. Akeem Biobaku Ph.D C.R.P. selected ME! to helm him get over 31 million dollars out of nigeria.

Pool of 200, piffle.

Just did a bit of research, and apparently making withdraws at sperm banks can be fairly expensive. So perhaps the OP’s Midnight Lady is just thrifty. 'Cause, you know, birthing and raising a kid is super cheap.

Even so, if her goal was to find an economical sperm donor, then she really should have the OP jizz in a cup and then turkey baste herself. So long as the transfer is within minutes, it shouldn’t hurt sperm viability at all. She’d avoid all the hourly hotel room rates and the wrinkled clothes.

But maybe

golf clap

Just wanted to add my two cents. I wouldn’t do anything like that in a million years.

It is interesting that the OP was chosen from a group of 200 men. Rafe Hollister on The Andy Griffith Show does not look all that special to me.

I totally saw this on a very special episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent!

As far as I know, you can’t legally opt out of legal responsibilities for a child unless another adult adopts said child and takes them on for you. The mother can of course say she doesn’t know who the father is, and then there’s nothing to be done, but yah. Sounds like a con. On both your parts.

Post of the week.

Exactly. Even if your wife knows about it, it’s an affair of sorts(just one your wife knows about).

Have you told you wife?


Gee, you are making multiple attempts the old-fashioned way and having a lot of fun with it…yeah, affair. Oh, and out of 200 guys available on Craigslist, she decides to go with you, a guy she knows, instead of someone more anonymous? Ok…

This isn’t ringing true for me, either. I suppose a single woman who just wants a baby, not a boyfriend could go after married men, but Occam’s Razor rules in favour of the sperm bank. What about diseases from all the unprotected sex? As far as I know, sperm bank sperm will have been tested within an inch of its potential life for diseases.

She’s probably taking birth control behind his back.
(I use the third-person pronoun because he hasn’t returned.)

Sure it wasn’t SVU?

Well I feel violated.