Am I having orgasms?

Female here. When I get sexually excited enough, I feel intense intense stimulation down there. Enough for me to moan and rock at times. When it’s over I feel this jolt, like I’ve had 2 or 3 cups of coffee. But, I’m not feeling those uterine contractions that people are talking about. I feel waves of stimulation. There are some contractions in my mid body area but they voluntary (I think) because of the intense pleasure I feel, but I’m not having those involuntary pelvic contractions. Could I be having those and not feeling them?

If you have to ask, then you aren’t.

This thread title screams (heh) for a “Need answer fast !”.

I believe there are two kinds of orgasms: clitoral and vaginal. Its certainly true in my experience - as what I get out of masturbating isn’t nearly as potent as what comes from intercourse.

No one can judge whether what you are having qualifies, only you can. What you are talking about other people talking about may be a vaginal orgasm, which not all women can experience (according to something I read somewhere). So chill out in trying to judge it and just enjoy it.

Right. Exactly. Except, I would change ‘masturbating’ to ‘oral/masturbating’.

But I am wondering if the OP means she is having this feeling* while she is not having sex at all! * Just being sexually excited?

Hasn’t this whole clitoral/vaginal orgasm thing been debunked? You can stimulate each to get an orgasm but an orgasm involves both the clitoris and vagina.

In my experience I didn’t always experience or perhaps notice the vaginal contractions earlier on. I can’t orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone, though…but in the last few years even when I’m not stimulating my vagina, I get the vaginal contractions. No uterine ones, though.

This is occuring during sexual activity.

That basically sums it up.

Once you have had an orgasm, you won’t ever wonder if you did or didn’t again.

Perhaps debunked, but for those of us (the lucky ones) that can have one just from vaginal intercourse, its way different than the outcome of masturbation (or oral - thanks Nzinga). The orgasm may involve both - but just clitoral stimulation is a less intense (for me anyway) sensation.

But it still comes down to my final sentence to the OP: Quit trying to decide if it fits the definition, if it feels good, go have another.

You know, I keep hearing folks say this, and I can’t figure it out. Maybe we should define what we mean by ‘vag orgasm’ and ‘clit orgasm’.

If I am being…stimulated from the back; doggy style as it were, I get the chance to enjoy the kind of orgasm that doesn’t seem to involve my clitorus. I love that feeling, because it feels different…deeper and less…surface.

When folks say that they have a completely different feeling from a vaginal orgasm than from a clitoral, they are talking about the feeling. Like every other woman actually means when she says ‘orgasm’. I mean, she isn’t thinking in medical terms, right? She just means the feeling.

I totally disagree with the “you’ll know it when you have it” notion.

I have no idea how old the OP is or what her experience has been so far, but romance novels and porn both give pretty ridiculous impressions of what an orgasm is supposed to feel like for a woman.

Reading things like “Clan of the Cave Bear” and shit like that when I was in my young teens had me convinced that there was this thing I experienced from masturbating, and then there was CLIMAX. I seriously thought that there was some mythical other level of physical satisfaction that perhaps only came from being with someone else. Turns out, no. I was orgasming all along, I just didn’t have the experience to know that was really what it was (I definitely know now!).

You are having one.

until and unless you have something better.

I’m a guy, so I don’t know, but I have heard both sexes compare it to a sneeze - the building, the involuntary shudder, and the sense of release. For this man, that’s accurate. It’s like the most excellent sneeze. In my penis.

Next time, could you please use a hankerchief instead of wiping it on your sleeve?
Thank you.

:confused: Why not try to figure it out? Isn’t it reasonable to want to know if this is the thing that everyone talks about, or if there might be something still more mind-blowing out there if you press on just a little further?

Because the definition is not going to be applicable for all people anyway. There are lots of women who do not experience orgasms from only vaginal stimulation. For those of us that do, its a very intense experience. Why get all worked up about a definition that may not even apply to you? If it feels good, do it. If you find something later that feels even better, then do that, and not #1.

Trying to fit something like this into a definition is a waste of time that could be spent getting whatever wonderful feeling you do get.

ETA: By all means experiment and find out what is the most fun for you. But quit sweating “definitions” and other people’s opinions so much. That’s really what I am getting at.

True enough. Everyone has different experiences, and if it feels great then who cares?

But I got that bit of wisdom from a sex therapist. At the time I was dating someone who could have written the OP.

Even within my relatively modest number of sexual partners during my lifetime, it was easy to observe that there was often quite a difference between one woman’s orgasm and another’s.

So if it makes you feel good, keep on doing it.

Good advice. Besides the strength of orgasms varying from one woman to the next, they also vary as you go through life. Having discussed this very topic with a group of friends over a glass of wine, the consensus(all but one woman) was that orgasms get stronger as years go on, the 30s and 40s being the years of most intense orgasms. None of the group had had an orgasm without clitoris stimulation until their mid-30s.

Mind you, this info was only true for 7 out of 8 of the group of friends, one of them swearing that she had orgasms the moment a guy started unhooking her bra.

Repeating: Keep on doing it, and enjoy yourself, it’s not a competition.

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