am I ill tempered?

I posted about people claiming ridiculous facts and how it makes me kind of mad, and I began to wonder if maybe I’m just antisocial. I don’t think I am…my friends tell me I’m a fun dude to be around…but maybe I let things wind me up too much. So here are just a few of my personal pet peeves, perhaps you can tell me if I’m too easily annoyed.

  1. People that drive around with the stereo set at “sonic boom”. That makes me wish I could smash their stereos. Its especially grating to me when I’m stuck in traffic next to them. (happened in a tunnel once, I think I almost went deaf since it was summer and the top was off of my jeep). Honestly, whats the point of that? In order for me to hear your music from two blocks away it must be deafening and distorted in the actual vehicle. The bass alone would shatter your fillings.

  2. My wife and I don’t have any children, but its not because we don’t like children. I prefer however not to be around them. So I get a bit annoyed when the neighborhood kids decide to play in my back yard when theres a playground right down the street. Hey, they’re kids, I get it. But then why do the parents look at me like I’m evil incarnate when I ask them to please not let their kids run through my yard screaming when we’re sitting outside enjoying a quiet evening?

  3. Maybe I do have an issue with kids, because I swear the next time one of them rams into me with a shopping cart while I’m in the supermarket I may go nuclear. I just don’t like it when parents let their small children run rampant in public. I wasn’t allowed to do stuff like that when I was a child…

  4. I give money to charity. I sometimes give money to people living on the street. But I absolutely hate it when an otherwise healthy and able to find some form of employment type of guy says this line “Hey, can I talk to you when you come out of that store/7-11/shop?”…its shorthand for “I want you to give me your change.”. That goes for any other stupid line that people give when begging like “I just need a dollar for bus fare” etc.

  5. It seems minor, but it drives mew bonkers when someone purposely gets in the “10 items or less” line with more than 10 items. I reserve a special place in Hell for people that get in the “cash only” line, let the cashier ring their stuff up and then pull out a checkbook. (its happened to me more times than I care to count.) Last time it happened the lady that did it said “Oh, I didn’t see the sign”, causing me to say “You mean THAT BIG F***ing sign?!” as I pointed at the rather obvious HUGE sign. She turned beet red and stammered, the other customers laughed and my wife was pissed that I lost my temper like that. So I guess I was especially mad that it cost me some lovin’ later on.

So, am I an ill tempered misanthrope?

Yeah you are, but so am I. Every one of your points is just a hot button issue for me and my wife is always steamed that I get steamed. The beggar with the elaborate story is particularly annoying, you want my money ask me for it, don’t give me some stupid line we both know is BS.

Well, that would make three of us then – except for the cash-only line. (I am unaware of any supermarkets in Canada – or at least Ontario – that even accept cheques anymore) The more-than-10 items or less bit does furl my collar though. I think I’ve seen far too much inconsideration in people over the years that the indignity has just accumulated. In fact, I can take things a step or two further:

  • People who stand in line at a fast food joint or coffee shop, place their order, and then act momentarily surprised that there will be money involved in the exchange before reaching for their wallet or the change in their back pocket. It’s a minor annoyance but I see it so damn often.

  • Similar to the above but more annoying are those people in these same establishments who come in with the apparent motive of wanting to order something but not realizing that they should probably decide what until they’re actually at the counter. The ensuing “Ummmm … I’ll have … ummmm … the … no, wait …” drives me nuts.

  • People who become indignant when their own refusal to read clearly posted signs results in them being called out for it. Take some damn responsibility for yourselves!

These are a few of my (least) favourite things…

Nah… you’re not ill-tempered.

You just have issues.

You can add me although I’ve grown pretty even-tempered* over the years and just let it roll off my back, like a penguin with water. But all of those things are rude and disrespectful.
*And that took a long time, let me tell you. I had dark red hair when I was a kid and people told me it suited me.

as a sea bass!