Annoyances - My thoughts

12 Buzz’s post made me think of this:

It’s annoying when asked, “What are you doing here?” by someone as if I crashed the secret party.
My thought: “I was here waiting to be asked an idiotic question.”
It’s annoying when asked, “Hot/cold enough for you?”
My evil secret thought; No, since I’m of another species I want it much, much hotter/colder than this.

It’s annoying if someone wants to ‘steal a fry’.
I’ll buy you your own food - Please don’t reach over into mine. I don’t know when you washed your hands.

Maybe it’s a bit different, but I’m tired of lying liars who lie telling tale tales where someone “yells” at them. I mean, my mother has yelled at me. Ex-boyfriends have yelled at me. But by any definition of the word “yell”, no doctor, bus driver, or prof has ever yelled at me.

So when the lying liars do their whole “And then the doctor totally yelled at me and called me fat!!” I look them right in the eye and say “Yelled?”. When they say yes, and continue whining I’ll interupt to say again “He yelled? Really? Are you sure? What does yelling mean to you?” and continue to ask until they admit that no, they mean, he didn’t really yell, but he was rude and stuff. Fuckin’ lying liars who lie.

I’m with you, Amaranta. This has *always * bothered me when listening to someone tell a tale … I used to think that everyone else’s life was much more dramatic than mine, but I finally realized that they’re embellishing what really happened. I’m glad to hear of someone else that’s bothered by this practice.

I sometimes take pains to clarify their story, for my sake at least, by asking, “Is that what they said?”
*“YES!” *
“Is that the way they said it?”

It is annoying when your car gets a flat tire - in the rain. And then you jack the tire up and take off the lug nuts but the tire is on so tightly that you can’t get it off. So you have to call a friend who brings out a rubber mallet and with a few swift hits, the tire springs free. And then on the way home you find that the wound on your belly, which has been healing since the operation June 05, has cracked open - probably from pulling on the tire - and is bleeding all over your shirt. Of course, since you are between jobs you now wonder how new tires are going to affect your finances.

That’s annoying.