Am I making a frittata?

This morning I sautéed some mushrooms and onions, added some sausage to brown, whisked together four eggs, some heavy cream, salt pepper, and some thawed chopped spinach, poured the egg mixture over the (drained) mushroom/onion/sausage mixture, and put it into a 350º oven.

Am I making a frittata? I’ve never made one. (Actually, I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten one.)

Frittata, as is my understanding, roughly translates to “fried,” so in that sense, no.

Other than that, yes.

Yup, that sounds like a particularly good frittata as well.

That’s roughly what I do when I make a frittata.

I put some shredded cheddar on top and put it back in the oven to melt.

It was good, whatever it was.

It sounds like you made a “scramble,” and maybe even a “Joe’s Special.”

Sounds like a frittata to me. And it does sound good. I haven’t made one in awhile, and you’ve inspired me to stir one up tomorrow morning. Let’s see, I have eggs, breakfast sausage, asparagus, and cheese.

Oven omelet?

Sounds closer to quiche than fritatta.

Next time invite me over and I’ll be able to give a more expert opinion.

A “Guiseppe’s Special,” perhaps? Joe’s needs hamburger.

Doesn’t quiche have the cheese mixed in, and isn’t it baked in a pie crust?

That sure sounds like a frittata to me. Add some potatoes and you’d have a tortilla.

Traditionally, a fritatta is made by partially cooking the mixture on the stove top, then finishing the top under the broiler.

Other than that, you made a fritatta. Except omit the cream.

Joe’s Special is a scramble. The mandatory ingredients are ground beef, spinach, onion and garlic. Mushrooms optional. I always add them in, and then bastardize it by topping with Monterey Jack cheese. Best served with nicely toasted San Francisco sourdough bread on the side.

Yep. Another vote for adding sliced or diced potatoes - brown 'em with the bacon/sausage then add veggies, cheese and well beaten egg & cream/milk. Top with Parmesan after egg starts to set. I don’t bother with the oven at this point, just a covered frypan on medium heat.

Recently I varied things a bit by using shredded hash-browns. Browned on one side, flipped & partially browned then added cheese & eggs. Covered until egg was cooked. Creamy, puffy, cheesy eggs on a crunchy base of hash-browns.

I’d call it an egg bake. A frittata is started on the stove and then moved to the oven or broiler.

ETA: On rereading the OP. I guess I’d call that a frittata. I’d keep in on the stove until the bottom was set and then bake it but it probably works the same.

So in other words, no? :slight_smile:

At Phil’s Diner, formerly an LA/North Hollywood hangout, that was very close to a Mish Mosh except for the oven part. A Mish Mosh is fried potatoes with an omelet mixture poured over it, finished on the grill[sup]*[/sup]. Included is chopped onions and chopped cheese.

Add chopped mushrooms and you have an Idiot’s Mish Mosh. Dunno why, but it is.

  • Finished in a skillet which is brought to the table, it is a skillet breakfast, at least at Pana Coffee House in Los Feliz (also not there anymore).

Whatever you call it it sounds very tasty.

Quiche definitely isn’t quiche without its crust.

Well, he did saute the meat, onions, and spinach before adding the egg, so it’s still at least partly fried.