What's for supper?

Rainy fall evening, the bolognese sauce is cooking, Mrs Piper and I are nibbling muffaletta on crackers, drinking red wine and listening to Yo-Yo Ma.

What’s up in your kitchen?

I love fall evening rain. So relaxing. I had food from a place called the moose, kind of a 50’s style diner. Had a grilled cheese that has mozzarella sticks in it and some onion rings.

Your appetizer is a New Orleans hero sandwich on crackers?


It’s a vegetarian tapanade from our local Italian deli.

Dinner=leftover chicken wings

Roasted chicken with roasted sliced zucchini, mushroom, and shallots. Yum.
Ate too early though and I’m going to need popcorn soon.

Tomorrow we’ll go super-gourmet and make beanie weenies with some turkey smoked sausage that expired a few days ago.

At my son’s request, pancakes and bacon. I always have it with orange juice, even for dinner; my wife prefers skim milk, and the boys always want ice water (ugh).

We had oven fried chicken and gnocchi with baby portabella and oyster mushroom sauce. Used chicken broth and South American “table cream” in the sauce. Comes in a juice box and has the consistency of toothpaste. Probably more like sour cream than heavy cream. Also a fresh veggie salad on the side.

Everyone said “More gnocchi!” but the package stated it served 4. Very tasty.

I’m on Atkins. Half a heart of romaine, grilled, with lemon and hazelnut oil, and a ribeye, also grilled, with chimichurri.

Why had I never had chimichurri before? It is the BOMB.

Pizza. Pizza is the food of the gods.

Crispy Washington state apples and Vermont sharp cheddar cheese.

These all sound most excellent! The apples and sharp cheddar is a particularly appetising combo.

The Cub asked for waffles this morning, but I pointed out that he had dumped our entire supply of baking powder into one of his recent “science experiments” and there would be no waffles until he ponied up the cash from his allowance for baking powder. He declined, so no waffles. We’ll say if his waffle-mania makes him crack tomorrow. :slight_smile:

(On a positive note, he learnt about the concept of leavening agents, crying out “It’s alive!” In his best surprised mad-scientist voice as his weird combo rose and overflowed the bowl.)

Playing what ?

The violoncello, I assume, but I understand he’s a real barn burner when he does Irish jigs on the concertina.

Tonight is a second essay at a dish the Ukulele Lady read about in a Russian novel, only sketchily described. I seared a pound of lean pork cut into 1 inch cubes, then removed them and started carmelizing 4 medium yellow onions sliced thin, with a little fresh thyme and white wine. (They’re still going. I like to carmelize SLOW)

In about an hour I’ll put the pork back in, along with a crushed garlic clove and maybe a cup of chicken stock, and let it simmer for an hour. Ten minutes before serving I’ll throw in a handful of dried Turkish apricots and let them plump up in the juice.

The missus is having this over mashed steamed winter squash, and gets all the apricots – I hate meat and fruit combinations. I’m going to simmer a half-dozen potato-onion pierogis for myself.

The cello, I assume. ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Monday night is usually leftovers night. We had Thai delivered on the weekend and I’ve been looking forward to the leftovers. Fried rice with pork and fried tofu.

Leftover King Arthur’s Supreme from Round Table. My half has anchovies.

Lentil soup in the crock pot


Last of the Polish potato soup.