Am I the first one back?

All of the “last post” dates are from yesterday.

Hey, I’ll sit with you and keep you company. I’m just waiting around until it’s 10:00, when the Beck tickets (Irvine Meadows, AKA Verizon Amphitheater, June 27th) go on sale. Then I can dial and re-dial about 100,000 times until I get through. No frigging lawn seats for this old woman!

Yeah, it is quiet in here.

We’ll soon fix that.

I actually didn’t expect it to be back before Monday, but I thought I’d check anyway, and here we are.

Hi y’all!

I’m here. And the boards seem to be getting slow again, so there must be more people drifting back. (Damn, the first three minutes were nice, though…)

Yahoo! The Dope is back!

::happy dance::

You know how it feels, after a storm blows over, and folks kinda creep out of the rubble?

Johnny wasn’t it eerie to see all the threads with the last post date kinda frozen in time? heh

I’m back. It appears that the board had some problem shortly after the last posts, causing it to shut down for much of yesterday.

So, did you know that “december” once wrote lyrics for a musical?

I got in just a few minutes ago. This little outage was a reminder of how very little I actually surf the net. Except, of course, this site :D. I was actually just about to get some work done…

:: Must … study … for … exams ::

Oh yeah, someone mentioned at Fathom that the SDMB went down right after the “evil cooler” thread was put in Threadspotting.

But I know who broke it … **Esprix **!

Twitching is slowly subsiding. Ahhhh, sweet, sweet relief.

I had noticed that… I even made the random comment to my roomies that someone must’ve slipped the hamsters a tranquilizer… I had to explain it all to them and even then they thought I was nuts.

But I’m not… really I’m not…

slips the hamsters a few more sugar pills

So this is why they call it “Dope”. Feels good to be back.

Yay!! I can stop cleaning now!

I am glad to be back. I always wondered when I can’t get in, if anyone else did. Apparently not. Sigh, I’m happy now!:slight_smile:

I feel SO much better.

For those of you for whom this was your first outage, wait until it goes down for DAYS. Talk about torturous withdrawal!

So does anybody know what happened?

(And I did not break it this time!)


Woohoo! Now I can stop being productive and go back to my endless SDMB cruising.

That WAS bizarre to see those 2-day old posts instead of new ones. See, not only did the Cooler of Doom ™ disrupt the SDMB it also apparently threw it into a time warp. Which might explain the disco song thread…

Sez you ! :stuck_out_tongue:

[sub]ya know I’m just joshin’ ya [/sub]

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Back to hiding from the MCAT book for me! :smiley:

What? The board was down? Man, I’ve gotta stop going out so much.