Am I the only guy that sometimes wears mismatched socks?

Let it be known that I’m not very organized when it comes to socks. When I do laundry the clean socks just get thrown losely into a drawer until I pull out two random socks to wear each day. Not all the socks in the drawer are the same, so I often end up wearing a pair of mismatched socks. While I am not bothered by this at all, some of my friends have made it apparent that I should be. They seem to think that wearing a white sock with a grey toe and heal on one foot while wearing an all white sock on the other foot is unconscionable. I say who cares!

As long as it doesn’t show, it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is it’s loosely and heel.

I’ll go as far as same type different colour but no more than that. I’ll try to match if possible but orphan socks get put together when their original siblings get holes.

As soon as I moved out, pairing up socks was the first thing to go.

I wear odd socks on purpose every day. Each colour combination has a name.

Today it’s St Clements - yellow stripes on the left foot, orange on the right.

Actually, I only ever wear one odd sock - the other one is matching.

I simply made black my standard color. Never a problem.

I cannot imagine a bigger waste of time than pairing socks. I don’t think most of my socks even are a pair, they’re just all different. It’s ok, according to this song they’ll find each other again in sock heaven.

My socks are in a pile, and I grab random socks as needed. I only wear white athletic-type socks. so it’s not obvious, but the odds that the socks I wear are similar in both style and color are vanishingly small. Right now, in fact, they are different.

I don’t care if none match, as long as they are the same length.

I wear mismatched socks. I don’t intend to, but I usually wait till the last minute to find my socks. So if I’m running late for work (which is often), then whatever I can find in the drawers is what will end up on my feets.

Only the secretary gives me a hard time about it. When I see her, she’ll make me pull up my pants legs so she can inspect my socks. No one else seems to notice or care.

I buy socks in bulk. 20 pairs of identical black socks can get mixed up however you like and there’s no problem; everybody’s happy!

OTOH my hiking socks need to be paired up as the padding on them is in different places for the left and right foot.

They actually sell mismatched socks. I think they are aimed to teenage girls. But any rate they come about six to a pack and none of them match.

I have a simple rule: Always wear two socks.

Oranges and lemons!

i avoid this problem by dipping both my feet in the same can of paint.

Wow, I’ve never heard of people not pairing their socks. It’s not a particularly difficult or time-consuming task. If I didn’t, even trying to grab two navy blue socks (as opposed to navy blue and black) would be maddening.

Could be worse, you could be wearing mismatched shoes.:stuck_out_tongue:

Wearing two different kinds of sock drives me nuts. I can feel the difference in texture, friction, etc. between both feet and cannot get myself to ignore it. This is even the case for different “models” of sock from the same manufacturer.

As for color, I match them up if I am not in a hurry, but I don’t mind wearing two differently colored socks.