Am I the only one that thinks Ruben is stale?

Aparently not.
So Ruben is in the bottom two and every-one has their pet theory about the force of strategic voting and teen-age girls. Well the fact remains that even though he has a fine voice, Ruben has played it too safe for too long and was counting on his momentum. He hasn’t been called on weeks of mundane performances. While Clay and Kim bust ass to improve Ruben has been static since the first performance. A poster on another thread (I forget where) got right when they said that Ruben gets passes on what others are picked for.

This is a wake-up and he got what he deserved. A big kick in complacency. That being said I am sure that there will be a rebound in his favour next week even if he sucks.

And if the judges don’t like it they should be judges and not just critics. Mabye if they voted then fine, otherwise shut.

Yes you are.

The sad thing is I doubt he’ll win 'cause this whole thing is decided by 13 year old girls up late with their cell phones. Or so I suspect.


I actually feel like pitting myself over American Idol. If someone created a show that consisted of my all time twelve favorite singers, singing my all time favorite songs I would watch it. If they made it those same twelve singers every week, I might watch it two or three times before I got bored. Now why the hell did I actually watch this show for like 8 weeks? I have no idea. I don’t like many of the singers at all, and the ones who I do like, still arn’t even close to my favorite ones. I can’t believe I got fooled by the cheesy format into thinking I cared what happened , when I really just don’t want to watch these people sing. I so pissed at myself for wasting my time on that. My stupid hype detector must be on the fritz.

So its not based on talent, big surprise. If it were so then carmen would not have been so sticky.
Ruben isn’t entertaining or dynamic like kim or clay. Thats for sure. I’ll take him over josh do not doubt but the judges aren’t doing him any favours either.

Shayna got it on the nose from this thread (sorry for pulling you across like this)

Bores me too. He has to get better or get lost.

Actually, I do think Ruben has fallen behind Clay and Kim, and I don’t think his victory is at all guaranteed anymore. But putting him behind Cpl. Gracin was a sad joke, and yes, it was entirely due to “Strategic voting.”


Originally posted by Shayna
What I get tired of is the inconsistency with the criticism from the judges. For instance, Clay is WAY more “animated” in his performances than Ruben, but Paula has told Clay several times that he needs to dance or move around more. Well all Ruben ever does is stand in one place stretching alternating arms out. Heck, he doesn’t even sway side-to-side or shift his weight. At least Clay does dance-type motions with his arms and hands. Why has no one ever told Ruben he needs to MOVE?! He BORES me. I’d sure buy a CD by him, but I’d NEVER go see him in concert!.

I think its because the dude looks like a giant, brown marshmallow. A marshmallow that wears tents for clothes.

What the Fuck are you people talking about? I like Reubens. They’re tasty. Especially with bavarian sauerkraut with the little caraway(?) seeds in it. You have to make your own corned beef for the best sandwiches, though. Store bought blows chunks.

Yes, it’s a wake-up call - not for Ruben, but for his fans (I’m one) who haven’t been voting for him enough, or at all. I won’t make that mistake again.

Why is this in the pit?

Oh - and I think Ruben is fine.

I thought this would be about that godamn sandwich I loathe.

Oh, good, I’m not the only person who hadn’t the faintest idea what the hell was going on here.

Apparently this is an American Idol rant.

Maybe Ruben could have been in the bottom two this time if at least that POS Josh was out of the contest.

Ruben is coasting and deserved a wake-up call after his version of “Breaking up is hard to do”, but at least his voice is nice. Josh can’t sing as well as most people I see do karaoke, the accent in his singing and not his speaking is annoying, he was beaten in a pushup contest by one of the judges, and I don’t get why he recieves a “patriot” vote for finding a way to get away from the marines for months at a time.

Oh, and I’m not sure what to do to myself about caring who wins. I don’t even have cable but I’m adicted to this damned stupid show and tape it since I’m out every tuesday and wednesday. I stayed up late last night to watch it when I got home (hangs head in shame).

Yea your right this wouldn’t normally go to the pit.
I should have included that everyone who votes for Ruben needs to get their head examined and make up their own opinion. Ruben sucks and so do his mindless fans. Open your ears people.

OK, I like Reuben a lot - he’s been one of my favorites on America Idol. But I do agree he’s been getting real stale. He does the same thing every week and doesn’t really get called on it (until Simon said something this week. Sort of.) I can’t sing myself so I can’t hear whether he’s "pitchy’ or making mistakes. But I do agree that he’s just not my favorite anymore. If he doesn’t do something soon, he’s lost it.

Go Clay!


hey even the sandwich people can get into it.
Ruben (idol) vs Reubens (sandwich)
Voice…edge Ruben
animation…edge Reubens
freshness…edge Ruebens
song choice…edge Ruben (just)
goes good with coke…tie
with mustard…Ruebens

well there you have it. The sandwith is better that the idol by 3-2

You, in posting this, assumed that we know who the fuck Ruben, Clay, and Kim are. I’m saddened by the number of Dopers who do, in fact, know who these people are, but I am merely insulted by the implication that I do, too.

Never seen American Idol, never will. Okay, maybe if my house is invaded by Rubenista terrorists who force me to watch by threatening my wife and my dog. But only then.

I don’t know but the fact that is here does give me an opportunity to slam the sick syrupy carmel colored crap that passes for singing on this lame show. I mean normally, it would simply be rude to announce that American Idol is a weak beauty contest without the glory of a swimsuit competition. In Cafe Society I’d never post that I think this entire show is just karaoke without the benefit of booze. That the infamous judge named Simon whose sole purpose in life is to simply put others down doesn’t seem to have any redeeming talents himself other than being rude, a skill he’d be easily beaten at by my cat. My true fear is that after every season of this vibrating voice fest I’ll be subjected to radio commericals hawking this phelgm as I innocently scan through the channels.

But since it’s here in the pit, I can say exactly how I feel. Oh wait, I’m done.


Who the hell is Ruben?

Can someone explain the concept of “strategic” voting to me? Ya vote for who you want to win…right?