Am I the only one who can't stop staring at this picture?

I don’t know if it’s the glasses, the teeth, the nose or the shit-eating grin…

It’s the nose!!!

Yep, I’m seeing this ad all the time on Yahoo.

If it’s not the nose, then it’s definitely the glasses.

I frankly didn’t notice the grin after being distracted by the first two!

I think it’s those freakish glasses.

Definitely the nose.

It’s the nose, and the way that the point of the nose and the points on the glasses make this visually compelling little triangle.

It’s the ensemble, kids. The ensemble. That pic has got some weird-ass synergy thing going on. :smiley:

  • s.e.

I agree.

Can you imagine what her laugh sounds like?

'nother vote for the schnozz.

The nose is definitely scary, in an “I’ll get you, my little pretty, and your little dog, too!” way.

But her mouth is bizarre. The teeth, the shape of it. Just imagine that mouth looming closer to kiss you good-night! :eek:


“Always reminds me of somebody machine-gunning a seal.”

– Basil Fawlty

I think she’s a drag queen…

It’s the Barbra Streisand nose.

She probably snorts when she laughs. (Although I shouldn’t talk-I’ve done that once or twice)

I personally sound like a dolphin when I laugh. Eh eh eh eh eh…

I can’t see anything interesting about the nose. It’s definitely the godawful glasses, mostly because of the bright white colour.

Hey! Since when did my ex best friend start doing ads on the internet??

Wow…y’all have no idea how much this woman resembles a person I know in real life.

And yes, Guin, if she’s anything like my erstwhile friend, she does snort when she laughs.

Great. Now I’m not going to be able to stop staring at it either!! Thanks loads, auntie em. Just when I thought I was finally shed of her! :wink:

As opposed to the “dark white” color?

Well you can get dull whites, off whites. I’m talking about the distinct contrast and uniform whiteness of it.

OMG run for your lives!