Am I the only one who doesn't give a damn about William and Kate?

I do not care an ounce about William and Kate. I don’t want to watch their wedding. I don’t to read about it or see updates on the news. I think Charlie Sheen updates are more newsworthy and more fascinating than these two. I don’t see why anyone is supposed to care that some useless, walking anachronism is going to marry some golddigger, then spend 50 or 60 years doing nothing. I don’t get the fascination with these people. I mean, I never care about any celebrity weddings/romances/gossip, whatever, but at least most other celebrities have actually done something to make themselves famous other than just be born.

Am I alone?

You are not alone.

Arggh! Don’t make me agree with you.
But yes, I’d rather watch paint dry.

I guess I’d know if I should care if I knew who William and Kate were. On second thought, forget it. I don’t want to know. I couldn’t possibly care less about celebrities if I tried.

Who are William and Kate?



Well, I’m willing to stand up for Billy Boy and Katie

Wait a second, are we talking about the same people?

Plenty of people don’t give a damn.

I, however, routinely scan the grocery store checkout racks for any magazines with wedding-related covers and buy them, so I’m on the other end of the spectrum. It’s a trashy, frivolous hobby I enjoy. I just got the US Weekly special edition pre-wedding book this afternoon. Lest there be any doubt of what a loser I am, I also subscribe to People. :stuck_out_tongue:

Captured my feeling exactly.

Depends what you mean by ‘doesn’t give a damn’. Whilst I’m not interested in the wedding, I’m getting a bit fed up with the "OMG HOW DARE THIS BE ON MY TELEVISION/IN MY NEWSPAPER/ON MY INTERNET, THIS IS AN OUTRAGE’ knee-jerk reactions that a particular group of people seem to be having.

There’s lots of stuff in the news that doesn’t interest me, football being just one. I don’t get outraged that it interests others though.

I don’t actually think Kate is a gold digger, she seems nice enough.

I do find it amusing that the vendors who all bought the cheap replicas of “Diana’s Ring” are getting to sell off the old stock :smiley:

I can’t imagine what sort of company you keep that you’re really wondering if you’re the only one not interested in this wedding. Other than the occasional news story, the only things I hear about it are wannabe iconoclasts desperate to bring up the royal wedding only to tell me how much they don’t care about the wedding.

I’m with the OP. I’ll take a Charlie Sheen meltdown over this stupidity.

I’m a Brit and I couldn’t give a fuck.

HOWEVER we do get an extra public holiday in April for the wedding, which is the Friday before the May holiday on the Monday, which means if we bridge the mere 3-day gap between Easter Monday and the wedding holiday, we can have 11 days off work in a row for only 3 days’ leave. So therefore, I love them.

Yeah, I have seen nothing about this except for this thread and the one about William not wearing a wedding ring. Methinks the OP doth protest too much.

Hear, hear. I’m an ardent royalist as long as we get a day off every time one of them gets married. Have the powers-that-be considered royal christenings/funerals/barmitzvahs? Surely they would be worth a public holiday too?

Why stop there? Royal taking a dump holiday. Royal shag. Royal blowjob. Gawd bless 'em, they do a great job.

Yes, it’s a perfect storm of a late Easter bringing the two bank holidays within striking distance of May day, and the extra holiday for the wedding. Got my 3 days booked, too good an opportunity to miss.

God save the queen! (I’m a mildly anti-monarchist atheist, but I’m easily bought).

how do you know this? you must have been interested enough to find out this much.

I agree.

I also have managed to stay relatively distant from the whole Royal Wedding phenomenon. It’s not such a big deal over here, despite us being a Commonwealth country, and been relatively low key. Certainly compared to the craziness that was Charles and Diana.