Am I the only one who doesn't give a damn about William and Kate?

You do, however, want to start threads about them on SDMB, though?

No, you are not. I completely forgot about it until the wedding ring thing came up.

The only reason I might slightly care is that it’s nice to see a pretty female in the royal family again. The joke about being horribly ugly if you are royal is getting old.

The Royals are much better than the alternative. Look at Putin. Consider an unfettered Blair. Or Thatcher.

The actual alternative is more like the presidents of Ireland or Germany, who seem quite benign and have clearly circumscribed powers (Russia is a bit different, because Putin appears to have driven a coach and horse through the constitution). Nobody is proposing that we get rid of the monarchy and give the Prime Minister absolute power.

There is no guarantee of this. What would happen, for instance, if a future monarch quiety endorsed the BNP? At least an elected official is easier to get rid of.

We don’t agree on much. But we do agree on this.

What’s wrong with Putin? Putting aside all of the stuff he does in an official capacity, you have to admit that he is Prime Minister James Bond. Only cooler.

Seriously, same here.

Until I receive my royal invitation I will continue to not give a royal poop about the goings on a Windsor Palace!

Or on the celebrity gossip scene, I’d rather be confronted with Kate Middleton and the scandal when she doesn’t wear a hat than Snooki and the perfectly ordinary reporting on her lack of underwear when standing in the grocery store line.

I guess you could say I don’t give a damn. They seem like nice enough folks, from what little I’ve seen, and I gotta respect William for serving in the military.

But yeah, I’m not sure I can say you don’t give a damn. You obviously give a damn, or else you wouldn’t be able to produce such depths of bile for someone you’ve never met. Me, I’m just sorta “Huh, Prince William’s getting married. That’s nice, she looks cute. I wonder if the Rangers beat the Red Sox the other night?”


William and who ?

Nah, don’t care either.

We’ve got rid of unpopular monarchs before.

I would be willing to give a fuck to her if asked.

If you’ve not been able to deduce the identity of the titular “William and Kate” form the contents of the thread preceding your post, you either haven’t read the thread or possess an astonishing degree of ignorance of the world beyond your borders.

Yeah. Dio, do you live in a little monarchist enclave of the USA?

No, but all his IRL social circle is completely fished out when it comes to snarking about a society wedding in a foreign country that AFAIK he’s never been to nor has any intention of going to, so in order to feel all speshul about his disinterest, uninterest and complete lack of any interest whatever, he has to take it online. It’s worth about as much as coming to the Dope to proclaim your atheism for the sake of the attention. :smiley:

Apparently some blog in England put up, for April Fools, a notice saying that the royal wedding was off. The man got a nice letter from the government saying that those actions could be construed as treasonous by a law from the 1840s or something. Something about that rubbed me the wrong way.

But yeah, I don’t get it, especially by Americans. It hasn’t been so bad once I got rid of my cable.

It all gets a hearty ‘meh’ from me. And I have been known to ponder the benefits of monarchism at times.