Am I the only one who doesn't give a damn about William and Kate?

Are you sure the govt persecution wasn’t part of the April Fool?


That’d explain why it rubbed you up the wrong way - you knew it couldn’t be right! :smiley:

On April 1st Groupon, that group-deals special offers site, put up a deal offering a ticket for £8 to the royal wedding, including a guided tour led by Prince Philip. I don’t think they ever had it open to real sales, but, going on the comments, a lot of people fell for it.

It was the Guardian’s royal wedding liveblog. (The Guardian having noted republican tendencies, they also had an April Fool’s editorial entitled “The magic of the monarchy: The royal moment has come”.) The reference to the Treason Felony Act 1848 was clearly part of the joke.

Nope; in fact I only learned that he’s marrying a woman by the name of Kate because of your thread title just now. You’ve contaminated me!

It’s impossible to avoid knowing this much, and in point of fact, this is about the sum total of what I know other than the fact that I know that Willie isn’t going to wear a ring only because somebody started a thread on the Dope with that title.

I don’t want to know this stuff, but I don’t see how it’s possible to avoud knwing the bare minimum that Prince William is getting married unless you avoid all popular media altogether.

Her I know nothing about at all except her first name. I don’t even know what she looks like. I called her a gold digger, but I don’t know that. I assume she ain’t looking for no broke gentleman.

That is very funny. I particularly like:


I could actually see the Queen giving them Tupperware, though - she really does use it a lot.

It’s the ridicule and the tackiness that’s starting to make me interested in the royal wedding. There’s a shop down Petticoat Lane that’s selling the ugliest, gaudiest, hugest souvenirs with no sense of irony at all. I’m tempted by the six-foot wide flag of which about three feet is William’s teeth.

When I first starting seeing the names “William and Kate,” phrased like that, I didn’t know who they were either. I figured out that I did know who William was, though, I just didn’t recognize him without his HRH sticking out in front of him.

Her parents were born middle class but started a business together and became millionaires many times over when Kate was very young. Obviously she is marrying into more wealth but she never wanted for money and never would have.

I don’t have an bile for them personally. I don’t know anythng about them. My annoyance is that I can’t watch ten minutes of cable news without having to hear some breathless report about what color their tablecloths are going to be.

I lived in England for three years, and have been back there twice since then.

Image search, dude, she’s hot.

I have zero interest in their marriage. Good thing I have a remote control for my TV.

But you NEED to know, to fuel future rants against monarchy. the British Royal family, celebrity, fashion, the media, marriage, wealth, and the stupidity of wealthy youth. It’s like learning about eight morons for the price of two.

Sorry OP, I am too busy not giving a damn about Lady Gaga, the Kardashians and Oprah to have time for William and Kate. They barely make the top ten of my Do Not Give A Rat’s Ass list.

I began this thread in ignorance as to who they are.

Now I know. I certainly don’t care, but now I know.


I blame Diogenes. But once again I am thankful that I do not have cable television.

It is quite remarkable how little you care.

Live and learn. Anywhere I know of? (“None of your business” is acceptable. :cool: )

Hey, they’re our titular heads, too! I demand days off! (Since I’m about to be unemployed, the self-righteousness of my demand is slightly weakened.)

Did you know that Princes William and Harry use the last name “Wales?” I didn’t know that until last week.

And, I care so little about the wedding that I didn’t start a thread about it. :smiley: (I am planning to catch the highlights of the wedding, however - I also watch reality tv shows about wedding dresses. We all have our little vices.)

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