Am I the only one who liked D.E.B.S.?

I never heard of this movie until a friend recommended it through Netflix. Was it ever in a theater near me? It’s a fun spoof of spy movies, and there’s a romance between two women but I wouldn’t call it a lesbian themed movie. There are some very funny lines. According to the commentary the budget for the whole thing was about $4 million, which really surprised me considering the effects.

You may have been the only one to see it…that is, aside from the critics.

You’re not kidding. The total domestic gross was $97,446. I wonder why they bothered putting it in theaters at all, rather than going direct to DVD.

I liked D.E.B.S. so well that I bought it on DVD. It’s a lot of fun.

I don’t recall it ever playing in theaters here in Austin, but one of my friends saw it as a selection for a gay and lesbian film festival. A friend showed it to me on DVD a couple weeks ago, and that’s when I bought my copy.

I saw and really enjoyed the 20-minute short which was the first incarnation of the film. I had planned to try and catch it, but I didn’t realize it was in such narrow release so I missed it.


I’ve seen every movie featuring the divinely fine Meagan Good – except this. I’ll get around to it eventually. I’m hoping she does a lot of bending over and stretching.