Am I the Only One Who Watches This Show?

Just a query. Does any one else out there watch a show called The Gibson Girls on what they now call the WB network? IMO it is one of the better offerings in the vast video wasteland that is cable TV. The characters are actually people with intelligence, quirks, flaws, humor, in short a bit of depth. I’d like to win a few converts for this show since no one seems to know about it, but I’m not a crusader, so anyone have an opinion on it either pro or con?

Don’t know about The Gibson Girls. Are you sure you aren’t watching The Gilmore Girls?

Yeah, I think YB means “Gilmore Girls”. I just heard an ad for it on the radio this morning. (I was surprised that WB is starting to create shows that have white characters. :smiley: )

I’ll take a look at it sometime. I always liked Lauren Graham; she plays goofy so well.

Yup. Great writing, strange characters, and an emphasis on tone and pacing. One of the best shows out there.

Only problem is, people look at you funny if you tell them you watch it…

The Gilmore Girls rule!!

I, on the other hand, would love to see a show about Gibson Girls!

[sashays off, humming “Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie,” leaving a trail of heartbroken Arrow Collar Men in my wake]

Bah, my girlfriend likes that show. For those worried that it will die because of a bad timeslot, I read in TV Guide that the WB won’t axe it because it is made by the parent company or some such thing. The critic said it was a good show, too.

I did indeed mean the Gilmore Girls. The only thing I can say in my defense is that the whole line of thought regarding the show evolved from a conversation with a friend about the Gibson Girls (the turn of the century ones)and ‘didn’t they have a TV show about them now…’ So of course my strange little mind transposed her thoughts for mine and…yadda, yadda… you get the idea.

I hear some positive stuff except from Goose who seems to think only females should watch it :wink: but then there is Luke to damp down the feminine content.

AWB you should give it a try. It is the only show I have ever ‘campaigned’ for. Not that that is a big deal to you, its just the dearth of originality coming out of that industry lately has had me down. Big sigh.

My mom watches it. I saw part of it once and it was actually pretty good.