Am I the only one wondering when, if ever, Kate Bush will release her "next" album?

Major KaTe-fan here. (And if you’re a true KaTe-fan, you’ll know why I capitalized the K and the T.)

I can’t bring myself to rant in the Pit about the Goddess herself and that it’s been ten years since her last album… That would be blasphemy, for to me, she is among the most brilliant recording artists evar. And I know she had a child (Bertie) a few years ago, and that’s a big responsibility…

KaTe, darling, I’m not asking if you’ll ever tour again. We know you never will. But the “next album” is perpetually “almost finished.” I need more news than that! I need some kind of a countdown. The day The Red Shoes (1993) was released, I waited outside HMV until it opened, and was the first to buy it. I want to experience that again - the anticipation… the first, teaser single a month before the album release… the interviews. Perhaps you’ll even make it to NYC and Toronto again for a signing. If you recall, the lineups went around and around and around the block. You’re more loved and revered and respected than you can possibly imagine.

I know you don’t owe us - your devoted legions of cult-like fans - anything. But quite frankly, I’d buy a recording of you gargling in the morning whilst reciting your grocery list. Seriously. I mean, I have all of those bootleg recordings of you when you were 14, singing early demos of your songs - some of which made it onto your first few albums, most of which didn’t - into a tape recorder, at an old piano.

I need a fix. I’ve been waiting patiently for ten years. I need the inspiration…


In the meantime, I’ll just listen to “December Will Be Magic Again” over and over, and wait for it to snow. So beautiful.

Come back, KaTie. The world needs you. :frowning:

I check her news page about once a month, but it always says that “she’s working on it.”

I hope the album will be worth the wait!

I’ll buy it. But then again, I don’t have all the others yet.

Would you post the link to Kate Bush’s news page? I’d like to see it. I once heard her described as ‘The most stoned woman in England’. Maybe that’s why it’s taking so long.

I am also lying in wait.
aaaah her music rips my heart right out me chest

“Some day soon. . .”

**Am I the only one wondering when, if ever, Kate Bush will release her “next” album? **

Yes. The rest of us resigned ouselves to the fact that she’ll probably never release another album.

Oh, she will. She’s right on schedule.

There was only like 9 months between her first and her second. There was almost a year between her second and third. There was a year between her third and fourth. There was two years between the the fourth and the fifth, three years between the fifth and the sixth, and four years between the sixth and the seventh. So the curve is growing steeper. For what it’s worth, when The Red Shoes came out, I predicted that it would be at least ten years till her eighth. Looks like I was right.

Kate Bush News

Good post Scott! I’m right there with you.

(waves hand wildly) I KNOW! I KNOW! For the same reason that the 2 fan conventions we traveled from Chicago to London to attend were called KaTe KonvenTions. :smiley:

She’s been my main musical goddess since 1980, and, as lissener so rightly points out, she keeps making us wait longer and longer for new music. I’ve resigned myself to it. Even though I think that she’s wasting talent and resources that other artists would kill for, it’s her life. I’m just a besotted listener. I can’t say anything bad about her. My whole LIFE is because of her (long story, but it entails meeting my husband in 1982, because he’s a KaTe fan too).

We’ve been painting bookshelves that we built, and yesterday we listened to all of her albums on random play, and today we listened to all her B-sides and rarities (including those wonderful demo songs). God, she’s brilliant.

I’m doomed to be into artists who don’t release music for long periods. My musical god is Peter Gabriel, who at least has been productive between albums, and graced us with new music this year. My 2nd favorite female artist is Happy Rhodes, who hasn’t released an album since 1998, but in her case, it’s because she’s an indie artist and has no money to record albums (but she’s working piecemeal on another one, yay!), and Sarah McLachlan took time off to have a wee one, but she’s coming back too. Maybe Kate’s time is coming.



There I go, flipping through the post titles, and…
…damn. Hurts just as much as ever. Maybe more so.
I read on a fansite that she will probably never produce a new album again and phoned up a friend in despair. He sent me links to plenty of others that refuted this same statement.

Scott, it’s hard to say. What we’ve gotten from her, over the course of her career until now is amazing, but such emotionally evocative work as hers leaves one craving for more. At this point, even a single track on a compilation such as a movie soundtrack would be a huge gift.

I still take out her boxed set once in a while to renew that shivery feeling. Her B sides disc is especially beautiful for such gems as “Under the Ivy” and “My Lagan Love.” It makes me wish there were hidden, undiscovered bounties that if I could only look hard enough I’d find. I never went to search for bootlegs of hers, being the ethical sort. It would be great to hear them, I’m sure, but out of respect, I don’t.

I’m old enough now to recall seeing her for the first time when I stayed up to watch Saturday Night Live, never having heard of her before, having one of those epiphany moments when I saw a major talent revealed.

Kate, whatever the reason, and for however long, you’ve been missed.

OK guys, please educate me.

One of my favorite CDs is The Hounds of Love. Thrilling, emotional, musical, complex - I could go on and on.

I realize that is THE ONLY Kate Bush CD I own - I used to have some of her records, but they went the way of all my vinyl recordings. I had Wuthering Heights - great song. Great song. I go on…

Years ago I tries to listen to Babushka, and found it impossible to listen to.

What other songs do you recommend I listen to by Kate Bush, besides Hounds of Love, over and over and over…

The Kick Inside

If Hounds is your current fave, you should buy The Dreaming. Those two albums are kind of a diptych, musically speaking. As impossible as her style is to pin down, that’s the least radically different of her albums, as compared to Hounds of Love.

Also, it’s the single greatest event in the history of recorded music: no just in my lifetime top ten, but in my lifetime top three.

Yes. The Dreaming is my favorite album. Ever. By anyone.

It’s one of those albums that makes you work for it though. When I first got it, and it was my first “new” Kate album, because I got into her after Never For Ever, I listened to it once and was very confused. It would have been worse except that by then I had already gotten and learned to love (yes, learned to love, and it took patience) the singles for “Sat In Your Lap” and the song “The Dreaming” so I knew that she had something different up her sleeve.

I listened to it once without lyrics, then once while reading the lyrics, then I put the lyrics away. I played TD over and over again, every chance I could, but treated it as background music. I played it again and again and again, in my car, while reading, while doing housework. Over and over and over. I had to get to know the music on a subconscious level, let it settle into my soul.

A couple weeks later I was listening to it as background while I was reading and the chorus of “Night Of The Swallow” hit me upside the head. I then got out the lyrics and played it (you guessed it) over and over while reading and learning the lyrics. Once I knew the lyrics, the steep learning curve was over. After that, knowing the album by heart, I could listen with pure pleasure.

It was worth the effort. Even though I’ve listened to it now, man, I don’t know, thousands of times probably, I never get tired of it. It never gets old. It doesn’t sound dated, even with a couple of synth bits that have since become overused by others. It’s so dense and layered that it still reveals new things with nearly every listen. It’s not just an album. I don’t know what it is, but it’s not “just an album.” Not to me.

It was called “overproduced” when it was released, but that was by people who only gave it a cursory listen. It’s perfectly produced. Just right. There’s not a bad song on the album, and there’s not a note or sound or vocal bit out of place. It’s perfect.

That was such a great year for music, for me. A couple of months before The Dreaming’s release, I went through the same process with Peter Gabriel’s 4th album, Security, and those two are still my favoite albums. Add to that Brian Eno and David Byrne’s My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts and Nina Hagen’s Nunsexmonkrock and damn, that was a great year for music.
Kobaltblu, my husband first saw her on Saturday Night Live too. He went out and scoured the city for an album. I first heard of her via a mix tape that a Genesis/Peter Gabriel tape trader friend made. We’re still as big a fans as ever.

She IS working on a new album, and she’s ventured out into public several times over the past couple of years. She’s even performed a bit, singing with David Gilmour in January 2002.

Kate Bush… ::sigh:: one of the Great British Rock Babes. (Well, if you stretch the definition of 'Rock" a bit… but ‘Rock Babes’ sounds way better than ‘Pop Babes’.)

While it’s been a while, at least a week, since I’ve listen to one of her albums, her music was one of my formative musical influences. Ah, the good old days when CFNY actually used to play cool esoteric music like hers during the day…

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See the light ram through the gaps in the land.

Actually, that was the first KaTe song I ever heard… :slight_smile:

The Kick Inside is a great showcase for Kate’s vocal range. Mariah Carey needs to listen to it about 75,000 times and learn how to bring her voice under control.

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