Kate Bush fans: check in here

I love and am in awe of everything the woman has ever done. I first became acquainted with her in 1995 when my brother bought “Hounds of Love.” I later went on to buy all of her CDs, as many concert bootlegs as I could find, and highly illegal tapes of her demoing early songs with just a piano and a tape recorder.

She’s an absolute goddess. Her music got me into writing my own songs, which got me into musicals, which got me into the best music school in Canada, to study composition.

KaTe’s music has been the backdrop of my adult life.

The latest news is that (IIRC) the next album is done, but needs to be mastered before release. It’s been nine years since “The Red Shoes,” and we’re all hoping for something bigger and better than she’s ever done before (although I don’t know if “The Dreaming” and “The Ninth Wave” can ever be topped).

She’s also had a son, which might explain the excessive delay between albums.

On the promo tour for “The Red Shoes,” she made it to Toronto and to NYC, and the lines for autographs went around the block. Let’s hope it’s the same the next time around. We can’t ever hope for another tour, but I really, really, really want her to autograph her next CD for me…

Come out of the closet, KaTefans! Let’s be counted! Let’s organize an SDMB excursion to meet the goddess herself! :slight_smile:

And if you don’t know why I capitalize the “T” in “KaTe,” you’re not a true KaTefan. Hehe.

Here I am!

Actually, I haven’t listened to her in years. But just last week I found myself singing “Oh, England! My Lion heart…” on the way to work. I don’t remember which album that song was on, but it was the first one I bought. I have her albums from that time period – what, four of them? Five? – on vinyl and also on CD.

She has a lovely voice, and she was really pretty as well. If only I could find a girl like that, I’d be a happy man.

I became a fan back in 1986. I saw her on USA Network’s Night Flight. I went out and bought Hounds of Love. I then set about getting all of her older material. Her first album, The Kick Inside, is on my Top 10 list of favorite albums.

One of my favorite songs is “This Woman’s Work”. She really nails that last verse.

Hopefully, her new album (which has become as elusive as Boston’s third album was) will hopefully make me forget that duet with Prince she did on The Red Shoes.


Too bad she has a horrible fear of flying. She is one act I would’ve loved to have seen live.

I like her! I first heard of her through the song “Running up that Hill”. “This Woman’s Work” and the “Don’t Give Up” duet with Peter Gabriel pretty much got to me as well.

She is stunning…

Yep, but I too doubt very much if she’ll ever tour again.

KaTe was, for a long time, the center of my musical existance. I first heard of her in 1979, but didn’t buy an album until her fourth, The Dreaming, in 1982. My dedication (obsession?) with her peaked the couple years after Hounds of Love came out. For many years, some of my best friends were a core group of people who were in on the secret. And it really was a secret: her first album was released in the US, but not promoted. It flopped, although it was a hit everywhere else in the world (she was huge in Japan–to coin a phrase–and she was a media phenomenon in England). Her US record company didn’t even bother releasing her second and third albums, so that, when The Dreaming came out (it was a very intense, very angry album, and the suits at EMI America thought it stood a better chance among the college set; it did), I was forced to do all my catching up in imports. And boy did I: I bought every seven inch, every ten inch, every twelve inch album, single, and e.p. I ever came across; every box set, every picture disc, etc. Then of course had to go through it all over again when CDs hit (my first CD was Hounds of Love).

For many years I was a KaTe evangelist. Me, to random strangers at parties: “Have you heard the music of Kate Bush?” I played The Ninth Wave, “frame by frame,” for my sound class; I annotated it for my Lit class.

My voice became recognizable to the DJs at WXRT as the guy who always tried to get them to play Kate Bush (they refused to for years)–even going so far as to buy a copy of The Dreaming to give to the program director when I found out he was going to be at a public event (“We already have this album.” “Then play it!”) and hounding Terri Hemmert whenever she bought rabbit food at the pet shope where I worked.

One of my lifelong best friends I met because she was wearing a KaTe pin at a Jane Siberry show, then we get to talking and come to find out I had already all but met her: another KaTe friend of mine knew her and had driven to KC to dub copies of her accumulated 24 hours of KaTe video material (including Kate as a celebrity guest on a cooking show: “There’s a lot in veg’tables!”; Kate on the nightly news cutting the ribbon at a new shopping mall; Kate being interviewed about her hair by Kenny Everett: “Lots of carbolic soap, and just leave it messy,” and Kate Solid-Gold[sup]tm[/sup] dancing while the hostesses of a Japanese variety show sang her song for her, etc.), and she (back to the friend I met at a Sib show) had a radio show “celebrating female vocals” (this was ten years before Lilith Unfair) called–get this–Suspended in Gaffa. She’s no longer doing her radio show, but she does occasionally play host to weary world travellers for KaTemas, the celebration of Kate’s birthday. She and her husband met through personal ads that mentioned KaTe at a time when NOBODY knew about Kate.

It really was like being in on a great big secret. I got a job a record store in 1983 because the bag I checked behind the counter contained an import twelve inch and the heavy metal hair dude behind the counter had paper cut scars all over his body from a letter he’d gotten from Kate in reply to a fan letter he’d sent her.

I feel like I could go on and on and on. But I’ll end here with this: I am deeply committed to a lifelong crush on KaTe’s brother, Paddy, who will someday marry me.

Hey! I was just listening to “The Sensual World” yesterday! Kate is one of the reasons I studied voice and became a singer. I would absolutely LOVE to see her in concert.

Thanks for the update Scott.

lissener, you get the KaTe thing. So you are a first-class fan, as am I.

I have to admit, I don’t play her CDs that often, because I’ve been waiting for the next for so long. But this thread has inspired me to put on “The Kick Inside.” What a brilliant debut album. And how Kate must have flipped out when “Wuthering Heights” went to #1. She was apparently doing the dishes at her (late) mother’s place, and someone caled her to say “Congratulations! You’re #1!” She was only 19 at the time. I don’t know if I could have dealt with that (being a composer and all), then going on to do PR tours, record a second album (“Lionheart”), do a sold-out concert tour, then take some time off to push her boundaries (“Never For Ever,” “The Dreaming”)… only to arrive at “Hounds of Love” which was a masterpiece.

We love you KaTe! Give us a new album! :slight_smile:

Hounds of Love is a great album; but The Dreaming was, and remains, KaTe’s masterpiece.

Just so ya know. :wink:

The Dreaming is one of the finest psychedelic albums ever made. Just thinking about the drum talk on ‘Get Out of My House’ makes the hair on my arms stand up.

Lionheart, Never ForEver, and the Dreaming, in particular, are incredible, amazing, awe-inspiring, and just plain delightfully weird, spooky, and cool. Ans she has an amazing, amazing voice. I wished so much she would use it the way she did on the Dreaming in other albums, but she got into dance music and such. The Dreaming is truly her masterpiece and one of the very best albums ever.

Speaking of The Dreaming, remember the last line in ‘Leave It Open?’ “We let the … in…” Anyone know what she’s saying there? I remember a contest when the album came out but I can’t remember what was decided.

“We let the weirdness in” is the official line. :slight_smile:

And I have to say, lissener, that while The Dreaming is the “one-album” masterpiece, The Ninth Wave (B-side of Hounds of Love) is right up there. I still get chills whenever I hear her first sing “Hello Earth… hello Earth…”

I consider Hounds of love (with the gorgeous The Ninth Wave) one of the five best pop/rock CDs of all time. Her best song is The man with the child in his eyes, IMHO.

Ah, Kate Bush. Yes, she’s amazing. Nothing to add, really, other than that I looked up a discography online, and found out that “The Sensual World” was released in 1989. Eighty-nine?? You have to be kidding me.

I’m getting old.

What’s with the capital “T”?

The capital “T” is a bit of an inside thing. Before her first album, * The Kick Inside* was released, she toured London with the KT Bush Band. The pin I got with my membership to the KaTe fan club had the famous “KT” logo on them, and it’s been an inside thing ever since. If you capitalize the “T,” you’re a true KaTeFan.

Incidentally, the “KT” symbol can be found on all of her album covers. Look closely; I won’t tell you where they are, :smiley:

And, Coldie, The Red Shoes was released in 1993.

Yes, but for years I heard it as “we wipe away the sin.”

FYI, the reason it sounds like it does is because she recorded it backwards, like David Lynch did later in the Dream Sequence in Twin Peaks.

Anyone know what she’s singing underneath “Watching you without me”?

I delivered a pickup truck for a neighbor from NJ to California for shipping to Hawaii. Before I left I bought a bunch of cassettes. The only one I remember is Hounds of Love. I played it several times a day, every day for three weeks. I still spin it from time to time. My favorite song is “Watching you without me” I even tried to learn it on acoustic guitar. It’s kind of hard to sing that backwards-sounding stuff at the end, though. The last song on that album “The Morning Fog” is about the most perfect last song on an album I’ve ever heard. It makes me feel great. Oh, and the one before that - “Hello Earth” with the chant interspersed between verses. That chant actually appears in Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu. In case anybody’s interested.

I liked The Dreaming, and the Sensual World (more than The Dreaming) (“The title track could give Henry James a boner” said Robert Christgau) but there’s just something special about Hounds of Love.

Yes, a very enigmatic artist. I was living in England around 79, 80 or so when I first became familiar with her. She was quite popular over there but never received much press here in the States, as I remember. Lovely, classy, talented. Glad to hear of her. I’ll look for the new record.

You won’t hear me… you won’t here me coming… You won’t hear me… you wont hear me come in.

Oh, the other part… I’d have to get out my fanzines, but it ends with “Let me in, and don’t be long.”

That’s the official line, AFAIK.

no; the backward stuff underneath all that.

This page examines the lyrics.