Amateur hair-cutter + My head = I'm bald now

So I had a job interview today. It went well, despite the circumstances, and I start Monday morning.

I wanted to look “clean-cut” instead of “scrubby” (quotated because that is what I was called) so I let my SO cut my hair.

Big mistake.

She was nervous, I was nervous, I “twitched,” she shaved a divot of sorts into my head, I freaked, and now I’m bald.

I put this in this forum cuz I’m not mad enough for it to be a rant, and it is mundane and pointless, and I thought I must share it with you since the topic of baldness has been brought up before.

But hey, at least now if I don’t comb my hair, nobody can tell. And it will grow back.

I missed out on the bald/goatee trend from a few years ago, so maybe I can bring it back.


A friend of mine’s dad used to be the Dean of Instruction at a vo-tech school. He was forced to go to the cosmotology department and get his haircuts. Lets just say he had some real winners!

People that attempt cutting hair for the first time go near the head with some cutting tool and…cut. Without touching the haid or hair any more than necessary.

If you look at professionals, you grab a chunk of the hair between fingers and cut what sticks out. This will leave an inch or two for the real haircutter to repair.